the press .hidden agendas!

  tony58 11:11 21 Dec 2006

why do we allow our newspapers and other media to be owned by powerfull foreign interests with there own national agendas. war , etc. would we tolerate chinese,russian or middle eastern people owning our Press and have a huge(controlling) influence on our politicans?

  Sethhaniel 11:17 21 Dec 2006

How else would they control the masses :(

  Kate B 11:28 21 Dec 2006

Er, you're talking nonsense. The only significant "foreigner" controlling the press here is Rupert Murdoch, who's Australian. Murdoch certainly has his agendas, but they're hardly hidden and there are tough controls on media ownership in this country to prevent their influence becoming excessive.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:00 21 Dec 2006

I assume that you have some examples?


  Belatucadrus 12:00 21 Dec 2006

Not any more, took out US citizenship a few years back, went down like the proverbial lead balloon down under.

click here

"On September 4, 1985, Murdoch became a naturalized citizen, to satisfy the legal requirement that only US citizens could own American television stations."
Or to be specific Fox News Channel, one of the most rabid right wing channels on air.

Mind you, just check out the list of our media magnates past and present :- Rupert Murdoch, Conrad Black and Robert Maxwell. Not exactly a roll-call of the great and the good or exemplars of moral probity.

Just pray that those "tough controls" Kate B mentioned keep working.

  lisa02 12:03 21 Dec 2006

He's Australian born but he's an American.

He had to become an American through naturalisation to be allowed to own an American TV station.

  lisa02 12:04 21 Dec 2006

Belatucadrus you beat me to it... I remembered that from my media studies course, it was a big case study.

  Kate B 12:06 21 Dec 2006

yes, you're right about Murdoch's American citizenship. I'd forgotten that.

  tony58 18:09 21 Dec 2006

"tough controls on media ownership in this country to prevent their influence becoming excessive"WHAT!

  tony58 18:14 21 Dec 2006

the americans dont allow foreigners to control there media.

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:01 21 Dec 2006

The Americans like to exert their influence widely, yet remain, in many ways, very insular.

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