President Obama's night out

  Forum Editor 18:45 01 Jun 2009

with his wife Michelle has got him into hot water.

Apparently he promised her that once he was settled into the Oval Office he would treat her to a dinner in New York, followed by a show. He has duly obliged, forking out for the show and the dinner himself.

What he forgot to do was to tell the credit-crunched citizens of America that their contribution to the evening's private outing was to fork out £45,000 for the chartered aircraft and special security costs involved in getting the couple and their retinue from Washington to New York and back.

  tein 18:51 01 Jun 2009

That'l go down just Swell wont it for his

  spuds 19:42 01 Jun 2009

A bit like Clinton's haircut, all those years ago. Its not the doing, just the arranging ;o))

  laurie53 20:30 01 Jun 2009

To paraphrase "How like our own dear leaders"!

  Quickbeam 20:36 01 Jun 2009

I'm sure he meant well, but he needs a real life to stay in touch with reality even if the cost is more than my lifetime social budget...

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