Present for a dog @ Christmas

  LegoTestPilot 13:17 04 Dec 2007

Dont laugh!
My big sister has a dog who is her faithful hound.
I'm staying with her over Christmas and she wants me to buy something for her dog for Christmas.

But what do i buy?
Something that is good humoured would go down well.

  Bingalau 13:37 04 Dec 2007

How about a bitch?

  €dstowe 13:38 04 Dec 2007

The best thing to give a dog at Christmas is a nice quiet time away from all the festivities and hullabaloo.

A dog is unable to understand what all the fuss is about so they either get overexcited or go into a sulk/bad mood. Neither of these is good for the dog or for you.

What would be good for the dog (and everyone else) is a nice long walk after you've eaten the mounds of food - which, of course you do not feed to the dog or, if you do, only in extreme moderation.

  LegoTestPilot 13:43 04 Dec 2007

She is a bitch, but had the Op early this month!

The dog goes on a daily 3 miler x3 times a day!

I was looking for something that would be fun for her may be to play with?
Or something to wear in the bleak winter?
Do Barbour do jackets for dogs??

  Quickbeam 13:43 04 Dec 2007

Just wrap a big hide chew up several times in any old paper, the dog will know what's inside... stand back and watch as the dog eagerly rips the paper to shreds to get to the treat... worked every year since the 1960s!

  €dstowe 14:06 04 Dec 2007

I can't think of much that would be more demeaning for a dog than to put clothes on it.

I know this is anthropomorphising but when my dog had an injured foot some time ago, he wouldn't go out of the house with a bandage on on the injury. As soon as I removed the bandage, he seemed perfectly happy to go out. I'm sure he'd be the same with a jacket, Barbour or otherwise.

A dog chew is a good idea or a large bone. Avoid chocolate, even that supposedly for dogs unless you want to be cleaning the carpet.

  Monoux 14:19 04 Dec 2007

How about a cat for the dogs Christmas Dinner ?

  Quickbeam 14:40 04 Dec 2007

"Do Barbour do jackets for dogs??"

Probably, and you can get a waxed cotton dog coat from most pet shops.

Nothing wrong with a dog coat €dstowe, I walk my dog everyday whatever the weather, it save a lot of drying with spaniels.

I don't have the choice not to go out... as soon as I've finished breakfast she makes a rush to the lead and walkies boot cupboard!

  Stuartli 15:13 04 Dec 2007

Our now departed Sheltie loved a "Father Christmas" dog toy that was small enough for him to carry around and which would squeek when he "bit" it.

  ventanas 15:25 04 Dec 2007

I use a coat in bad or cold weather as well, not only to keep the rain of, but chihuahuas do tend to feel the cold a lot.

I agree, something to chew, either a toy that squeaks or a "bone" will be perfect.

  ventanas 15:28 04 Dec 2007

Your lucky, I don't get time for breakfast, he is jumping on the bed at 6.00am demanding walkies.

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