prescription glasses

  anthonystorey 00:11 24 Jan 2007

anybody bought any specs online ?
if so can anybody make any recommendations as i looked at a few sites and i could make a big saving on my next pair.

thanks in advance

  €dstowe 06:31 24 Jan 2007

Is the sight test done online as well?

(Not a serious question - I hope)

  georgemac © 09:16 24 Jan 2007

There is nothing to stop anyone now having a free eye test, getting the prescription details and buying their glasses wherever they choose as far as I am aware.

  Diemmess 09:28 24 Jan 2007

In fact if you have a free eye examination and the optition prescribes glasses, he is required to give you a copy of your new prescription just so that if you choose, you can have the new ones made by the rival down the road!

  microcoder 09:30 24 Jan 2007

Are eye tests free now?For all?

  Diemmess 09:36 24 Jan 2007

For 'optition' read optician of course.
Buying online may be cheaper, but I stay with the one I know.

Their charges are reasonable and great care is taken with measurement of frame, the level at which the bifocal part should reach, and that the whole result is correct and comfortable.

  I am Spartacus 11:35 24 Jan 2007

Someone previously posted this link click here on another thread. I haven't used them yet so cannot comment on whether they're OK.

  anthonystorey 12:15 24 Jan 2007

the last link was one of the sights i was looking at the basic advice on all the sights was to buy a pair with roughly the same frame size as your own, my eye test is due so i thought i would have that done (£15)my last pair was bought from asda cost me £131 in total and i could get a pair for £62.50. I suppose i was just looking for some reccomendations as this would give me the push to buy a pair online thanks for all you comments

  mymate 12:19 24 Jan 2007

have a look here click here

  mymate 12:22 24 Jan 2007

Same link as I am Spartacus.
But if you scroll down the page on mine, other people have ordered glasses from other cheap places.

  namtas 12:27 24 Jan 2007

I would assume that this option would not be of any use for those requiring varifocal lenses which have to be specially measured and fitted.

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