Premium Competition Lines

  Sic 12:42 23 Apr 2007

So according to Panorama GMTV have 'cheated' several million pounds out of their viewers. An article on the beeb had this quote:

'Samantha Pedder, 37, from Saffron Walden, told Panorama: "I've spent near on £1,000, but you think, 'Well I'm in with a chance'.

"To find out that I wasn't makes me really angry and I want my money back."

Now am i the only one to think that anybody stupid enough to spend over a grand on competition phone lines should be looking closer to home to sort their problems than emailing the BBC?

  cycoze 12:51 23 Apr 2007

Well i do not blame her for wanting her money back IF it has been proven there was some sort of fraud/con/cheating going on.

As for being "stupid enough to spend over a grand on competition phone lines", its her money so i think its her choice what she spends it on.

I do not and would not allow anyone else to phone these lines from my phone as i think the fees are way to high, on top of that it is a gamble and just like any gambling it is the organisers that win the biggest.

  Kate B 13:07 23 Apr 2007

Well, there are two separate issues here, aren't there? The first is the alleged corruption at work in these phone-ins; the second is the gullibility/foolishness of people who ring in.

If you're foolish/gullible enough to ring in for those competitions, it doesn't in some ways actually matter if they're rigged. Even if they're not, the odds are profoundly against you; and it's really up to individuals to make choices about what risks they take and what odds they think are acceptable.

The alleged corruption/fixing etc is clearly completely unacceptable, but the underlying issue is that phone-ins are a waste of money.

  medicine hat 13:27 23 Apr 2007

They are not a waste of money for the winner. The prize is generally very good.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:28 23 Apr 2007

Quote 'I've spent near on £1,000, but you think, 'Well I'm in with a chance' and a question form one of these 'quizzes'....which city in France is the Eiffel tower based, Berlin, Paris or London.

I think the *ahem* target audience *ahem* is clearly defined here and as far as I'm concerned if they are stupid enough to pay £1.80 to enter a gormless 'competition', whose difficulty of questions reinforces that it is for money grabbing only, then they deserve to lose all their money as they obviously cannot be trusted with it. At least with the Lotto their is no pretence of a competition and the closing time is quite clear.



  anskyber 13:31 23 Apr 2007

GANDALF <|:-)> is quite right the whole thing is "phoney"

  riiverstock 14:03 23 Apr 2007

On the other hand,maybe if we actually saw some images of these sad and unlucky souls sitting watching tv and desperately tapping out the premium number,then we might all shout "protect them".

And get them over to the Poker Rooms to find a winner!

  Kate B 14:22 23 Apr 2007

You can't protect everyone.

  MichelleC 14:40 23 Apr 2007

Hold on a minute.

If a 'competition' is so designed to allow someone to win, however stupid, crass and moronic that quiz is, then it should play within the guidelines, rules and legalities that allow it to transmit.

If, however, if the producers 'cheat', which is illegal, then those that have entered should be refunded. Further, i think the organisers should be financially penalised very severely.

It's certainly not up to me to judge those that enter.

  georgemac © 15:13 23 Apr 2007

It would appear that GNTV were completely unaware of the "cheating" or winners being selected before the phone lines were closed - this was kept from them by the firm that were contracted to run the competitions.

I still think however that GMTV are responsible, because the competitions are run on their programme, and they chose the firm that runs them.

I too am of the opinion that these are more like raffles than competitions, and if I did choose to play (I do not) I would expect my entry to have the same chance as everyone else's or I would have been cheated.

My wife does (foolishly in my opinion) sometimes call the Richard and Judy competition, we could have lodged a claim but I could not be bothered trawling through my old phone bills (which I have electronically)

  mole44 16:30 23 Apr 2007

old addage, "a foool and there money are soon parted".that for me sums up the whole of these comptition phoneins.

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