Premium Call Barring

  pj123 17:50 08 Apr 2005

I am with NTL cable, phone, TV and Broadband.

I have arranged call barring on premium rate numbers (09..).

But have just been told that 0908 at 10p per minute is not classed as a premium rate call.

I thought all 09 numbers were premium rate numbers regardless of the price.

  rdave13 23:06 08 Apr 2005

Makes you wonder if it's better to stick with the devil you know?
BT isn't so bad?

  pj123 10:37 09 Apr 2005

NTL have agreed to bar it anyway. They class this type as International. So now I have Premium Rate and International calls barred. They have given me a pin number to override the bar if I want to call out of the country.


  g0slp 11:42 10 Apr 2005

0908 classed as an international number? Weird...

  g0slp 11:43 10 Apr 2005

Oops - posted too soon.

I got NTL to bar calls to mobiles too. (Teenagers in house ;-) )

  josie mayhem 11:55 10 Apr 2005


But having broadband will protect you from dail outs, it only people with the old 56 dail-up modems that at risk of iffy dailing software. With cable and ADLS there nowhere for the connection to go, except to the poroviders severs.

But there again having teenagers in the house, good idea! My step-son, several years ago ran up a hugh bill on his mothers phone bill, phoning 'THOSE' types of numbers (eh,eh,eh)

  pj123 13:04 10 Apr 2005

josie mayhem, yes understand that. I still have an internal analogue modem installed for sending faxes and I still have an active dialup account as a backup in case NTL goes down.

It is not normally connected to the telephone socket until I want to use it though. So at some stage my PC will be vunerable, if only for a short while.

g0slp, I don't have a problem with mobile numbers.

  g0slp 14:13 10 Apr 2005

Hi pj123

Sorry if you thought my comment was directed at you - it wasn't. Simply an general observation.


  pj123 15:17 10 Apr 2005

g0slp, no apology needed, didn't take it that way. It was a good point, because if these morons who redirect you to premium rate numbers can also redirect you to mobile numbers then that needs to be barred as well. Took it up with NTL and they say that as this 0908 number is 10p a minute they class it as International. Seems like their classification of Premium Rate starts at £1.

  the-emsworth-kid 17:35 10 Apr 2005

Do NTL charge you for this call barring service?

  pj123 17:50 10 Apr 2005

the-emsworth-kid, I think it is about £1 per month.

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