Premium Bonds

  BT 08:49 18 Dec 2009

Having just received my latest 'Prize' from my Premium Bonds I begin wonder just how random the draw really is.
I've had 10 small wins over the last 12 months and out of these 7 have been from just one block of Bonds that I bought in February 09.

  bri-an 09:10 18 Dec 2009

I've heard of some people who cash 'old' bonds and replace them with new because they are convinced the later ones throw up more prizes.
Your post would seem to corroborate that theory....hmmmm....

  morddwyd 10:50 18 Dec 2009

Electronic number generation?

The only thing random about electronics is when they fail, and even that is open to question since it always seems to be at the most inconvenient time!

  Hercule Marple 18:53 18 Dec 2009

That does seem to happen. I haven't won anything for ages. If I don't win anything in the next draw, I might well cash them all in. Or I might not, because they're my only chance of becoming relatively wealthy.

  Jim Thing 19:24 18 Dec 2009

AHA!! So it's all your fault. I used to get £50 occasionally and once had 2 x £50 in the same month, but since they introduced £25 as the lowest prize I've had zilch. Now I know why — you're hogging the lot.

Over the long haul I'd have been better off in the Building Society...

  bri-an 19:39 18 Dec 2009

"Over the long haul I'd have been better off in the Building Society..."

On a straight calculation, no doubt.
But you also have to factor in the chance you are getting to win 'the big yin'. Like the lottery, it's luck - and you don't get to keep your 'bet' money with it.

  BT 08:27 19 Dec 2009

I admit it, its me winning all the prizes. Best yet is 3 in one month, but only £25's, I had a couple of £50's a couple of years ago but its ususlly only a £25 most times.

Rate of return this year is 1.14%, not a fortune but better than my supposedly higher interest online savings account is managing at the moment.

  Jim Thing 09:28 19 Dec 2009

I don't bother working out my rate of return any more. It only makes me cry...

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:57 19 Dec 2009

If you are only getting 1.14% from an online account, you are being well and truly taken for a ride and you are only getting a third of what you here


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