Premier League Games To Be Played Abroad?

  babybell 09:59 08 Feb 2008

I know there are a lot of people on this forum that don't follow the football and for that reason I'm sorry that this post may not interest, but to those who do follow it, no doubt you would have heard about the Premier League proposing the biggest shake up English Football has ever seen and I was wondering what other peoples opinions on the matter are.

For those not aware, the Premier League has put forward an idea that all 20 teams in the league have agreed 'in principle' to look in to and that is to have 1 extra game a season for each team which will be held in another country, Dubai, Bangkok, Miami, etc. The result of the game WILL count towards league points and fixtures will be draw from a hat with the top 5 teams seeded so they cant play each other.

One problem that is clear is that after the usual 28 games, Fulham (as an example) could be relegated and Wigan survived by one point. But with these extra fixtures, Man Utd could draw Wigan (even though they have played them twice already in the season) and Fulham could have a easier game against Derby and if Man U win and Fulham win, Wigan would suddenely be relegated, just for drawing a tricker fixture.

I am interested to see what peoples thoughts on the idea are!

  tullie 10:11 08 Feb 2008

Dident hear them say it was the biggest shake up Engish football has ever seen,but never the less,its about money,thats it,full stop.

  newman35 10:14 08 Feb 2008

then it might be possible to comment.
Will wait for others to enlighten me.
Would Partick Thistle Nil be involved? (;-))

  babybell 10:18 08 Feb 2008

The biggest shake up of English football is actually my opinion. I believe it is that big.

Basically newman35, the premiership is looking into playing one more game a year for each team, which is obviously 10 new fixtures. Countries around the world will bid to host two games over a weekend. But to make sure the games are fun to watch, there saying that the result will count towards points in the premiership season.

More info click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:20 08 Feb 2008

Playing more games? The poor footballers are being worked far too hard.


  wiz-king 10:35 08 Feb 2008

Please can they stay away for a year or two - with the WAGS.

  wee eddie 10:42 08 Feb 2008

English Football

This is just, one more nail, in that particular Coffin. The next thing will be that they ask Real Madrid to join. They've probably got more English players, than most, in their Squad anyway!

  interzone55 10:46 08 Feb 2008

Now don't most premiership managers complain that the season is too crowded?

How is this situation going to be helped by jetting players halfway round the world and suffering the inevitable jet lag involved with inter continental travel?

Now I assume that as this game is to be played for league points it will have to be in early May. In May at least one of the teams will have an FA Cup final to think about, there's also the likelihood that one of the teams will also have the European cup or UEFA Cup to think about. Fixture crowding in May will be a disaster for the top 4 teams who on top of all this have next years Championship to think about.

Then every other year there's a major international tournament in June / July.

The Premiership really have to stop thinking about money and start thinking about the players' welfare, then we might start to win (or even qualify) for some tournaments.

  Bingalau 10:59 08 Feb 2008

I'm not worried about the players welfare. God help the poor things. But as you say there is an annual outcry about there being too many games and not enough time. Also of course the other moan about not getting enough time off in the summer. Then there is the other old chestnut. "Why can't we have a winter break?"

The customers abroad can perhaps pay to watch their darlings on Sky TV..

  babybell 11:22 08 Feb 2008

Well they say that is why England struggle as a national team as we have too many games and suffer burn outs, how is this going to help. In repsonse to alan14, i believe they are thinking of playing the games in January and getting rid of the league cup. Time zones and local weather pose a problem too. Imagine having to play the game in 30 degree heat and someone else in average 14 degree weather. The idea is crackers.

  GJC53 12:03 08 Feb 2008

Used to watch in 70s/80s now its all about the money! Poor little dears only have to work for 90 minutes a week, and still complain they'r tired ahhhhmy heart gors out to them (not). They want to get back into the real world where people have to work for a living not just kick a ball around a field once a week. Really would'nt care if whole premiure league went abroad and never came back!

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