Pregnant Germans seek cash bonus

  hijo 13:06 27 Dec 2006

could you imagine if our goverment offered this..i dont think so,iam not sure if the germans get any benefits like over here but still the £16,911 will be a massive boost & iam sure majority of parents over here would rather have it in a lump sum then i every week or month as i would & i think its a great idea but just how long would the money have to last you is the question whereas here we get child tax until the child is 16,again its down to the cercumstances over there..
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  Kate B 13:31 27 Dec 2006

Actually, I'm not in favour of this - why should any government subsidise having children more than it already does? We're already over-populated. I'm perfectly happy with the concept of child benefit, though I'd prefer it to be means-tested rather than universal, but I don't think people who have children are any more special than those who don't. Those of us who choose to remain childfree don't get any free money.

  hijo 13:37 27 Dec 2006

KATE good point & i agree with u on some of the points there but it is harder financialy if your on a med to low earnings however if ur on a decent salary then why should u get it if ur on lets say £40k...where as someone on just a £13-18k would appreciate it more i think..

  tammer 13:58 27 Dec 2006

people who worked hard at school and university in the past are more likely to be earning large salaries now. They made the sacrifices then, to get where they are today - so why should the people who didn't work hard get a free hand out now from the Government (paid for by the people that worked hard)?

It's a generalisation I know, but in a lot of cases that's the simple reality.

The British, German and other major European countries' (native) populations are shrinking but the World's population is not. Why should the Europeans subsidise parenthood just so our populations keep apace with China and India's?

If every country's population was shrinking, the world's resources would maybe not be under such a strain and the enviroment may not be so threatened.

  Kate B 14:05 27 Dec 2006

hijo, I hear you but in general you shouldn't have things you can't afford, and that includes children. Sorry to sound really harsh, but I feel quite strongly about this.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:07 27 Dec 2006

I don't buy a Ferrari because I cannot afford it...people who cannot afford children should not have them, it is not a god-given right.


  lisa02 14:33 27 Dec 2006

Having children is a god-given right Gandlaf.

Kate B

Not so long ago in an other thread you where defending people on job seekers' allowance. Now you're criticising those who have children saying they shouldn't get help...

Again on another thread you put down another member for being opinionated on a topic they didn't know first hand. Maybe being barren puts you in the same place here.

  Bingalau 14:50 27 Dec 2006

If the youngsters of today were not taught about sex in school at such an early age they would not then experiment and end up having babies at the tender age of 14 or so. When we were that age we were more interested in playing healthy games outside. When we were older we did the correct thing and got married before we had a family. Nowadays youngsters in their early teens think they are entitled to free handouts and the easy way to get accommodation etc., is to be a single mother. ..Bingalau..

  ulrich 15:10 27 Dec 2006

Through no fault of my own, my partner suddenly died. We have an 11yr old son(who is now 16). Without child tax benefits we would be sleeping in a tent. I don't own my own home, we rent a maisonnette. We have no chance of a council house, as there isn't any. So Kate B you are talking a load of rubbish.

  Kate B 15:50 27 Dec 2006

ulrich, I'm not talking about you - don't succumb to a bad case of forumitis and assume that all posts are directly about you. I'm talking about the general idea that people should get a cash handout on the birth of a child - go and read the link in the original post.

lisa02, read my original post. I support much of the benefits system - I think we need to look after the vulnerable and the weak in our society and the benefits system, flawed though it is, is the way we do that. Shall I say this again? I do not think that people should be given cash handouts for having children, whatever their level of income is.

Incidentally, may I also remind you of the requirement not to post abuse? You have no idea about my fertility or my choices and I'm perfectly entitled to comment on a proposal for handouts, I'm not pronouncing on parenting skills - I wouldn't, because I don't have children and am not qualified to comment.

Bingalau, I don't agree with you about sex education - ignorance isn't bliss, it's a route to disaster. Kids are going to experiment with sex whether we educate them about contraception or not; on balance I think it's best that they are taught about contraception and how to access it.

  tammer 15:52 27 Dec 2006

Where Kate B and I agree, I think, is that benefits should go to the deserving and the needy. The people who are in difficult circumstances through no fault of their own. They should not go to people too lazy to work or to people who fancy getting the state to fund their aspirations. From what you've said, you appear to be in the former category.

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