Pre-warned is pre-armed (Vehicle Insurance)

  Bingalau 11:51 16 Feb 2011

I thought it might be a good idea to pass this on. I guess the Insurance companies are preparing for a glut of claims.... This has just arrived by e-mail

We're emailing all of our policyholders to alert you to an increasing fraud trend that has been getting a lot of attention in the press and on TV. It is often called 'Cash for Crash' and involves two types of fraudulent claims - 'staged' and 'induced' accidents which inevitably lead to false or exaggerated personal injury claims. We're keeping a close eye on parts of the UK where there has been a surge in such activity but we would like to help you to recognise the signs, protect yourselves and to know what to do if you have suspicions.

Staged accidents involve criminals using damaged cars and 'crashing' them together by arrangement to make false claims. Induced accidents are similar but can put innocent victims' lives at risk (more below).

We work closely with the Police and fraud prevention agencies - our goal is to help cut the estimated £40 per car insurance policy in the UK that goes to picking up the cost of fraud. We don't expect you to tackle fraudsters directly - that can be dangerous - but you can help us by reporting your fraud suspicions to the right people.

If you suspect or have inside knowledge about any type of insurance fraud you can report this in the strictest confidence, anonymously if required, to the Insurance Fraud Bureau, by calling 0800 328 2550 or by reporting online at click here.

  Covergirl 12:46 16 Feb 2011

. . . a box to enter username, password and bank account details . . . ? My, my, they are slipping :)

No, seriously, this kind of insurance accident fraud has been going on for years - there must be an increasing trend (as they have stated) so watch out for suspicious rear-enders everyone and let's try keep the premiums down.

Lots more info in a Google starting with a good old Wiki click here=

  spuds 13:55 16 Feb 2011

It beats me how a few years ago, the insurance industry wasn't all that very interested on peoples suspicions, and all claims were treated in the 'usual procedures' manner, which may have resulted in people losing no claims bonuses or becoming un-insurable.

I think things changed when the group of workers in an office block near a major round-about (forgot where), began to spot regular 'similar' road traffic incidents, usually involving the same group of people or person.

No wonder vehicle insurance is becoming dearer, if £40 is added to premiums, plus other fees for uninsured drivers etc, then the actual 'good' and accident free driver is insuring everyone else, and the villains might well be compensated?.

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