That pre Christmas bash

  jack 11:14 07 Dec 2009

Do you indulge?
How many do you manage to fit in?
My late wife's uncle in Oz used to write and tell us about all the retired clubs he want to and the number of Christmas dinners he indulged in.
The last count was 18- before he passed away.
We tended to avoid them on the basis that Christmas dinner with all the trimmings is for Christmas day and any anticipatory events took the edge off it.

This year being on my own - a walking group to which I belong asked if I would and I relented
An enjoyable time for 12 ensued with good value meal at the local Harvester following an amble around the local country park.
Fortunately for me the restaurant is at the end of my road and so I was able to take a slow amble home,
I got indoors at about 2 pm, literally fell into my armchair and awoke, cold and shivery[no heating on] bloated at 7pm.
I guess big midday indulgences are not for me any more.

  Clapton is God 11:29 07 Dec 2009

Fortunately my employer, being a charity, doesn't waste money on this sort of nonsense.

Bah, humbug.

  Covergirl 13:40 07 Dec 2009

If you're a sociable type you'll enjoy them. It passes a few hours , gets you into circulation and gives you chance to catch up on your mates lives and vice versa.

Sounds like you enjoyed that one, so next time make provision and put some heating on before your 40 winks :-)

  wiz-king 16:27 07 Dec 2009

We always have our department 'Christmas do' about the second week in February, get much better value and service, the pub/restaurant makes you feel welcome (they want the trade) and it's a long time to the first holiday of the year!

  dukeboxhero 19:31 07 Dec 2009

We had our xmas doo last week ,Six of us from the taxi trade went for a couple beers followed by the Alice Cooper concert, another couple drinks then a indian curry,No crackers on the table tho so no spining tops to play with FE But we did put the world to rights , good night from what i remember.

  morddwyd 19:58 07 Dec 2009

One less for a lot of folk in Dundee this year.

There was a serious and lengthy city centre power cut on Saturday.

Lot's of hostelries and eateries had to cancel pre-booked Christmas bashes and refund deposits!

  interzone55 21:13 07 Dec 2009

I tend to avoid works' christmas parties like the plague.

They're just excuses for people to drink to excess and not pay for it (well not directly anyway) there's a few lads in our office who've been complaining very loudly, every single day since early November that we're not having a christmas do this year, it would almost worth me giving them 50 quid a piece to go out just to shut them up...

  Condom 02:33 08 Dec 2009

Before I retired I was in charge of 6 hospitals and it was expected that I attend each one's Xmas do and on top of that I was also expected to attend do's by each of the hospital's Leagues of Friends.

It was no wonder that I was sick of the site of turkey well before our own family dinner where her indoors did a roast instead.

  morddwyd 07:45 08 Dec 2009

I remember one world weary soul telling me that he went every year in the hope that it would be better than the last one, but it never was!

  Quickbeam 08:39 08 Dec 2009

I've just had my sister and nephew over from Piacenza for a pre-Christmas visit, so on Saturday I did a turkey dinner with everything including crackers, hats, Christmas candles and table cloth, the lot... what the hell!

  Grey Goo 10:14 08 Dec 2009

Going to one tomorrow, the Retired Association Christmas Lunch. Nice to see who is still alive and to catch up with the gossip. Main difference is that couples don't disappear into dark corners like in the "Good old days" of the Deparmental Christmas Party. Still have the Blackmail Photo's from some of those.

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