P&P price difference

  Ex plorer 14:56 06 Feb 2009

Hi just ordered a new retractable mouse.

I found the price of P&P to be so different from firms from £3.34 to £7.98.

No way would I pay 7.98 not even for next day delivery on such a small item.

I ordered a flood light for my house last week P&P was £2.99 and it arrived next day.

  Si_L 15:07 06 Feb 2009

Its how they make their money, luring people in with a cheap price and then chucking a big P+P charge on.

  oresome 15:23 06 Feb 2009

I ordered some items for the washing machine last week, bearings and a door seal, and one of the cheapest suppliers for genuine manufacturers parts was also one of the cheapest for P&P. It cost £3.50 P&P in total and the items were delivered withing 48hrs of placing the order.

Another supplier added £4.50 per item making £9.00 P&P and the items were also several pounds more expensive each.

It simply pays to shop around.

  spuds 17:29 06 Feb 2009

I suppose its a bit like eBay, when some sellers give a postal discount and others do not.

Nothing better than buying four cd'd/dvd's from one seller, who charges £1.25 postage per item, then throws them in a brown flimsy envelope with a 68p stamp on it, hoping that the customer is well satisfied.

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