The power of eBay

  pj123 18:38 31 Jul 2006

I put an item up on eBay that I reckoned if I got a tenner for it I would be happy.

It still has 3 days and 16 hours to go and already the highest bid is £46.85.

Have I got it wrong or do these bidders not check out local new prices before bidding?

  powerless 18:40 31 Jul 2006

Maybe you have under estimated its value?

Remember Del boy and Rodney...15 years...

  SANTOS7 18:43 31 Jul 2006

If you want to see how people are prepared to over bid have a look around the computer section, I bought my tower off ebay but after pricing up the components i got a good deal but was strongly outbid on others resulting in them paying well over the odds.

  pj123 19:06 31 Jul 2006


"Maybe you have under estimated its value?"

Its value is probably £0.00 to me. It has been sitting in my garage for at least 2 years doing nothing.

I am of the opinion that nothing is worth anything unless someone is prepared to pay something for it.

Take a recent PC Advisor magazine that says "Your DVD worth £854" It isn't worth anything if no one wants, or is willing to pay something for it.

I am just surprised that I put it up for £8 to start with and now we are talking money.

  silverous 19:42 31 Jul 2006

It works both ways, sometimes there are bargains to be had. I only got £36 for a blutetooth photo printer that new would be close to 80-100 and it was brand new in box.

I must admit though, people do seem to be prepared to bid over retail price for things relatively frequently - I think it is the auction factor, people don't want to 'lose'.

  anskyber 20:15 31 Jul 2006

I agree. My wife took a shine to a ring. Consistently the value achieved on E-bay ways to my eyes more than I expected, nonetheless that is not a good way to look at an item my wife would like! closer examination of the listing revealed the sellers main web site (rather than the traders site on E-Bay) I was able to secure the ring for 30% less than the typical bid price direct from the retailer. The power of competitiveness and the desire to "win"

  anskyber 20:15 31 Jul 2006

ways = was

  mammak 16:04 01 Aug 2006

I agree with silverous I have done it myself couldnt stand to let anyone beat me lol felt right silly afterwards though.

  pj123 17:50 01 Aug 2006

Have bought a few things on eBay myself. I always check out local retailers first for the best Price.

I then set myself a maximum that I will not go above (and includes postage).

If I don't win that's OK. Someone else is always selling the same thing so I can have another go.

At the moment I am bidding on an Epson R220 printer. Still about 4 hours to go but I am the highest bidder. My maximum is £32 including postage.

If I don't win it there are plenty of other printers (the same) being offered.

Don't all rush to outbid me, please.

  fitcher 18:07 01 Aug 2006

there is a person selling adobe cs2 on ebay saying it is not a thirty day trial but a full one when i contacted adobe with the activation no .they said it is an illegal copy . they said why did you is obviously not the real one .i said well can i give you his name.. .not interested the lady said .why i said ,look at the free publicity we are getting.. he is making a bomb.hes happy . adobe are happy why should they stop it

  fitcher 18:15 01 Aug 2006

i payed for an item on ebay by pay pal and never recieved it .after a dispute i got a refund from paypal yet i still keep getting the item as wone and asking for payment from same person .also i wone an item that came with parts missing the person told me to claim of the post office .i threw it in the dust bin and put it down to a lesson learned .i would keep my fingers crossed till i got that printer .i wish i had lost my bid

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