Power consumption CRT and TFT Monitors

  freaky 19:20 11 Jul 2005

In these days of global warming and energy conservation, the following power consumption figures based on 3 Iiyama monitors might be of interest: -

19" Iiyama CRT Pro451 138watt-normal. Standby 10watt.

17" TFT E435. 50watt normal. 3watt standby.

19" TFT E481-S. 40watt normal. 2w standby.

From these figures, apart from helping the environment, considerable cash savings on electricity costs would be made by users changing to TFT Monitors. Would any members care to make some calculations on the actual annual £'s saved based x hours use???

  De Marcus 19:34 11 Jul 2005

This may be of use click here

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:57 11 Jul 2005

My Philips 170C4-FS tft monitor uses 40W in mormal operation and just 1W in sleep mode

  freaky 20:07 11 Jul 2005

Thanks for that, worked out that the cost for the CRT Monitor at 5 hours per day = £1.138 per month.

Working on a pro-rata basis a TFT @ say 40 watt cost would be £0.330 per month.

Therefore the TFT would save per annum £13.656 minus £3.96 = £9.69 per annum. Not as much saving as I anticipated. But for large users with many monitors running long hours then it would be considerable. It would also make the working area much cooler.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:09 11 Jul 2005

The cost to run a televison, rated at 72 watts, for one month in the UK is 38 pence click here

You can use this as a rough calculator so an Illyama on standby for 90 hours/month would cost approx 5.5 pence. On full power for 90 hours....71 pence

The savings would not be immense and I am not sure about the 'considerable cash savings'.


  The Spires 00:27 12 Jul 2005

Continuing to use a CRT monitor rather than buying a new TFT which has to be constructed then shipped from Korea/wherever would be far more environmentally friendly by a huge amount. However looking at the fuel the shuttle now being filled with maked me wonder if it's worth bothering.

  woodchip 14:19 13 Jul 2005

They always forget that factor, It works for Cars also. Keeping a old banger running is better for the environment than making a new one, and it's still as to cover the same miles as the old one would have to do that was replaced, at only a bit less fuel saved

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