Poundworld to rival Tesco

  Quiller. 20:19 04 Jul 2011

as they get set to sell cheap alcohol.

how much is it?

  interzone55 20:31 04 Jul 2011

Home Bargains and B&M Bargains have been selling cheap booze for years, yet I've not seen anything in the Daily Fail regarding this, but put Pound in the name of the store and all hell breaks lose.

Seeing as Tesco, Sainsbury, Morrisons & Asda regularly sell lager & cider at less than 50p a can I really can't see what all the fuss is about.

  v1asco 21:35 04 Jul 2011

The fuss is the anti-social behaviour that can happen when cheap booze is available around town during the day. Having said that some shops around the country have a voluntary code, refusing to sell during certain times.

  interzone55 22:11 04 Jul 2011


And my point is that cheap booze has been available from Home Bargains, B&M Bargains and the big supermarkets for years.

Only last week a cock-up on Tescos tills meant that they were selling lager at 25p a can.

What needs to be done is someone high up giving the media a good kick up the backside and telling them to stop "glamorising" loutish behaviour, and making it seem like an attractive lifestyle. They need to start presenting the negatives more prominently, showing the results of bottlings; girls beaten and assaulted because they couldn't walk, so got in the nearest car; the STIs after a quick shag in the car park; liver disease; throat cancer etc.

  v1asco 08:51 05 Jul 2011


Cheap booze has been around for years, I remember buying it. The shops you mention are not in the high street, where the anti-social behaviour is happening around here. There are strong cases put forward by the Police restricting access to licences, especially with the influx of tesco,sainsbury metro stores. A lot of it is the homeless who probably would drink a lot less expensive booze. It is not the violence or press hype that I am referring to here, more the harrasment or flaked out bodies, urine etc that affects High Streets anywhere.

  interzone55 09:41 05 Jul 2011


I agree entirely with you, but my point is that the Middle England media reacts with outrage every time there's something like this in the news, but nothing is done to sort out the root cause.

People drink because they think it's fun to go out, get bladdered and hope you get home safe - the media needs to start presenting the other side of the picture a bit more prominently, and by that I mean all the media, red-tops, broadsheets, lads mags & girls mags.

  proudfoot 12:44 05 Jul 2011

I can remember 50 years or so ago if anyone was found to be in a public place drunk and incapable they were arrested and before the magistrates next morning fined and then had a criminal offence on their record. If more people were charged it may make them see sense if their employment required them to have no record. There are many forms of employment that require you to be sober to carry out your duties satisfactorily. There is also the problem of drink driving next morning if you have had a skin full

  oresome 19:34 06 Jul 2011

I've noticed that any drinker worth his salt gets his beverage by the trolley load. The more macho carry several cases on their shoulder out of the store with a wide beam on their face and a certain swagger.

Pound shops hardly rival Tesco in this respect, selling in dribs and drabs by comparison.


I have been known to purchase several cases of wine at one time, but I do resist the temptation to drink it straight away!

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