HondaMan 14:53 05 Sep 2007

OK, I know, not a computer subject. But I have just received payment from my local authority over damage done to my car by a pothole. I had to issue a summons, but just a few days before the hearing, they paid up in full.

If any member of this forum has had damage caused to their car, see this link click here

  g0slp 15:04 05 Sep 2007

Nice one, HondaMan.

Dealing with councils in such situations is a nightmare; I hope you billed them for your time as well...

  Pine Man 18:58 05 Sep 2007

You are supposed to slow down for the humps ;-)

  Forum Editor 19:39 05 Sep 2007

announced (in 2003) that it was going to remove every speed hump in the borough as part of its rolling road resurfacing programme. Four years later it's a joy to drive around the streets.

  Riojaa 19:45 05 Sep 2007

I trust that by removing the humps there wasn't an increase in crushed human bodies taking their places?

  Belatucadrus 20:26 05 Sep 2007

Speed humps are ridiculously poor "traffic calming" devices:- they damage car suspension, Ambulance drivers hate them with a passion. They usually increase traffic noise as people crash over them so aren't popular with local residents.
The only people that like them are the contractors that get paid to install and later remove them.

  HondaMan 21:03 05 Sep 2007

but anti-social way to deal with speedbumps is blow your horn everytime you go over one. It annoys the hell out of thoise living near them, and, if they complain loudly enough, the council will/may remove them. BUT it does take some time

  spuds 22:50 05 Sep 2007

A very good result with your claim against the council. I wonder how much local authorities lose or save per year, on defending their actions. One of the biggest payouts in recent years was £200.000.00, but it took the 'victims' twenty years to receive recompense.

Would mention that your suggestion of sounding your vehicle horn everytime you go over an hump, could lead to a fine or court appearance. Something that the council will not be concerned about ;o)

  Forum Editor 23:21 05 Sep 2007

No, there wasn't.

  Chegs ®™ 23:37 05 Sep 2007

Our town is littered with bumps(not all traffic calming ones either)I once said that the main thoroughfare through my estate wouldnt need speeds bumps as it was so potholed only a fool would try driving quickly over it.The highways dept resurfaced it,then decorated it with speedbumps.Most are full width of the roadway bar the two in the middle of the estate which are 50yrds from a full width hump and these two are the regulation 10cm high,but positioned in a dip ontop of a much smaller full width hump(actually not a full width hump,just badly laid tarmac thats proud of the surrounding roadway)These two catapult you off the seat as you drive over them even at 10mph(or would if my seatbelt didnt restrain me)and as I have a very painful back injury I will drive a 3 mile circuit to avoid going over them.These two,and most of the others scattered round the town are concentrating the wear of the road surface to strips either side of the humps and in some high volume traffic areas there are deep ruts "patched" with a wheelbarrow load of tarmac(at least thats what they look like)

The highways dept also installed full width humps in a neighbouring town,the residents were complaining about the "thump/thump" of vehicles going over them on one street so the highways dept removed them,only its left a damaged area of roadway that still emits a lesser thump/thump.The highways left the other humps on the next street as well so nobody escapes the darn things.

  rdave13 23:51 05 Sep 2007

Worse than potholes, I think, is the resurfacing of roads with that system where they leave loose chippings for days or maybe weeks before sweeping them up.
This time it's going to cost me to repair the "radiator pipe" for the power stearing system where one of these little "chippings" blew a tiny hole in it. £50 inc vat and labour etc to follow.

Last time was a whole radiator. No; I don't speed and stick to the temporary speed limits. Pity others don't.

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