Pothole Issues

  RobCharles1981 22:22 05 Dec 2007

Hi Guys what would you do in this situation:

I was driving back home after going out and I hit a nasty pothole *[email protected]: I thought this was bad I rescued my Wheel Trim another one was lost don't know where that was. My Parents went out today the way I came they couldn't see it so that won't matter can always buy another set.

So I drove home.....

Next Morning inspected the damage - yep a Flat Tyre front passenger side..

So this morning now my mum phones the bobbies for the number for the Traffic Hiaway for my Local council in Swansea got the number and she left a message and latter on in the morning they rang back and was asked to provide "Photographic evidence". And to their amazement that Phothole had been filed!

My Dad went to a garage and got a quote for a new Tyre for my Ford Fiesta £50 for the tracking and balancing ect.

Thing is where do we stand here? Should we write a letter to the council to explain the current situation?


  SANTOS7 22:34 05 Dec 2007

Considering how much road tax you pay i would be writing letters by the dozen. If the pothole is in the driving line i would consider it to be a danger to road users and any damage caused by said hole should be the responsability of the highways dept. who's job it is to upkeep said bit of road..

click here

all you need to know here including how to claim...

  Stuartli 23:42 05 Dec 2007

The council will more than likely refer you to its insurance company.

  Monoux 06:58 06 Dec 2007

Many Councils don't have insurance as the premiums are so high so they pay any claims against them out of reserves

  laurie53 08:15 06 Dec 2007

I must admit I'm a bit surprised your mum phoned the police. I wouldn't have thought it was a matter for them, unless it's criminal negligence.

  RobCharles1981 10:02 06 Dec 2007


We didn't know the number to contact, so she phoned the police for advice.

Also Monoux

There have been many issues and complaints about Potholes and Uneven Man Hole Covers or Drian Covers in the Swansea area. The Council should be maintaining the road and it should and always be their responsibility to paying the damage done to car owners.

  spuds 11:20 06 Dec 2007

Council's have a legal obligation to check and maintain public highways, excluding motorways. This also includes having records of road repairs and alterations by third party agents.

Swansea are not the only council that as pothole and other road/pavement surface problems. All councils have similar issues, and you will find that all councils have a dedicated team, dealing with these problems including insurance claims.

Taking photographs make life easier for all parties, especially due to the fact that possible insurance claims can be long winded, and sometimes difficult in resolving. The filling of the hole, would possibly suggest that an inspection or complaint is already on record, and the matter was dealt with as an emergency.

Talking about losing a hub cap. I was party to a similar pothole problem a number of years ago. All the hub caps that had been lost that morning was stacked against a wall, so any returning driver could have perhaps selected their hub cap from many. Would also mention, that reporting the 'sudden' pothole on a fairly active and major road, the council sent a team, and the hole was filled-in within the hour.

  Colin 13:03 06 Dec 2007

click here

All County Council's websites should have this info.

It all depends on how long the hole had been there. Roads are inspected regularly, but there has to be a reasonable amount of time from it being identified to being rectified. The public have a role to play here in reporting them.

Obviously, I don't know how long your particular hole had been there but if it appeared that evening it's not unreasonable for the Council not to have attended to it.

  HondaMan 13:13 06 Dec 2007

my story.

The counjcil paid up 72 hours before going to court. I think it was a case of brinkmanship.

What really clinched it was that I had established that the hole was present before their last inspection.

  Colin 13:17 06 Dec 2007

HondaMan - link, please.

  pj123 14:58 06 Dec 2007

SANTOS7, you don't pay "road tax" anymore.

It is now Vehicle Excise Duty. Seems it has nothing to do with the upkeep of the roads anymore.

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