Postmaster's foreign language ban !

  perpetual motion 09:27 19 Mar 2009

One of my Indian friends raised this too me this morning, do you think this guy is in the right or wrong.??

My friend siad he was with the postmaster

click here

  newman35 09:35 19 Mar 2009

Getting his 15 minutes of fame, springs to mind.

  Mr Mistoffelees 09:37 19 Mar 2009

Definitely not with the postmaster here.His attitude is completely wrong.

Most language problems can be worked around with a little effort. He is discriminating against not just people living locally, who don't speak English, but also against foreign visitors here on holiday.

If he went on holiday to Spain, would he learn Spanish first?

  Grey Goo 09:38 19 Mar 2009

Barclays don't seem to worry when you ring their customer services without a translator.

  WhiteTruckMan 09:57 19 Mar 2009

How can you give someone someone what they want if you cant understand them? Guess? Is he expected to aquire a basic grasp of dozens of languages?

If I were, for example, to walk into an egyptian post office, I would hope to e understood in my native tongue, but I wouldnt expect it, and I would arm myself at the very least with a phrase book.

Nope, in my opinion this guys posiion is quite reasonable. Unfortunately the usually self appointed members of the PC police are going to be all over him like a cheap suit, and won't be satisfied until he has been publicly pilloried at the very least.


  newman35 10:04 19 Mar 2009

But it sounds as if he would not serve unless they spoke English - what about if someone came in with a phrase-book, but could speak no English?
Would they get served?
Storm in a tea-cup, IMHO.

  jack 10:10 19 Mar 2009

Rightly- a foreign visitor [or immigrant] with little grasp of English should be tolerated/helped
with their quat - just as you or I woulf in a forieng land.
However there are those who seemed to have come here into an existing enclave and make not attempt to integrate-
perhaps this is who our erstwhile postmaster was addressing

  jack 10:12 19 Mar 2009

What was up? -
Perchance me and my spellchecker was in some foreign place too.

  newman35 10:19 19 Mar 2009

"My triping was awful my last post" !!

Couldn't resist!! Sorry. (;-))

  WhiteTruckMan 10:21 19 Mar 2009

If they came in with a phrase book then they would be speaking english. They wouldnt comprehend it, but that would not be a problem.

Much is made of the arrogance of brits abroad who do not ry to learn the local language (and rightly so in my opinion) but the shoe never seems to be on the other foot in this country.

In a quote taken from the above link from Mr Afzal Sadif from the Nottingham Racial Equality Council : "In the long run, I believe, if we're living in Britain, over the course of the years, you have to speak English to get by but you can't force it upon people." But you expect others to take the time, trouble and expense to accomodate you?

Welcome to 21st century britain


  newman35 10:30 19 Mar 2009

I got the impression the postmaster was talking about 'speaking', not phrase books - but we don't really know the full details.
Let's just hope that it doesn't develop into an 'immigration' argument again.
Doesn't the new citizenship idea try to overcome these problems?

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