laurie53 11:56 30 Nov 2007

Anyone else noticed how postings seem to increase exponentially just after 8.00 am Monday to Friday, just as people get to wonk?

Must be a coincidence!

  Seth Haniel 12:01 30 Nov 2007

just people checking their posts from before 4:30 the day before ;)

by the way wheres wonk? !!!!

  crosstrainer 12:02 30 Nov 2007

Here..."Wonk" means broken :)

  lisa02 12:03 30 Nov 2007

"just as people get to wonk?"

what's that then?

  crosstrainer 12:09 30 Nov 2007

We all make typo's from time to time :)

  anskyber 12:11 30 Nov 2007

and they're strait in (!)

  Cymro. 12:23 30 Nov 2007

I did once try to suggest on this forum that people were using the firms computer and time to post on the forum. Most denied it and only a few said they did so and then only with the permission of the boss.
We must be a very honest lot.

  techie4me 12:24 30 Nov 2007

May be wonk = work?
A typo error me thinks?

  oresome 12:48 30 Nov 2007

Looking at the timings, most of you can be excused for being here on your lunch break.

Any posts after 1pm and you'll need to justify your being here!

  crosstrainer 12:54 30 Nov 2007

I've never denied it, It's my company :)

  crosstrainer 12:55 30 Nov 2007

I know I'm falling for this one but "strait" in?

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