Posting issues this morning.

  adie1972 10:32 09 Nov 2005

Hello all,
There were some issues with posting this morning (or now if your reading this item this morning 10:30ish).

Close your browser and open a new one is the short answer. If you want more detail see below.

Some additional functionality has been added to the PCA website allowing the moderator to ban users in real time and changes were made to a component to allow this that unfortunately lives in the session scope, thus the object you had in that scope was out of sync with the codebase.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
PCA Dev team.

  knockin on 11:16 09 Nov 2005

Thanks adie 1972-
How sad that such a facility should be needed

  spuds 12:31 09 Nov 2005

'allowing the moderator to ban users in real time'. Have I missed something?.

  Chegs ® 13:12 09 Nov 2005

I must admit to muttering a few expletives after typing a long response only to get an error.I swapped to a different browser and was able to continue to post with that,but closing the previous browser then starting it up again initially did nothing,I still got an error.I took to using FF as it can autorefresh and launched Avant periodically until it would work.(now)

  CurlyWhirly 16:56 09 Nov 2005

[Quote]Some additional functionality has been added to the PCA website allowing the moderator to ban users in real time.

This is very good news as I can remember a few months ago when a forum member spammed this site for a few days and it was most annoying.

  Forum Editor 17:15 09 Nov 2005

is that we've altered the site so that when I ban somebody (which I hope will be a very rare occurrence) I can do it immediately - even if they are logged in. The minute I ban the person he/she will no longer be able to post to the forum - even if he/she remains logged in.

This measure was necessary to prevent the odd fool from taking revenge by spamming the site - as pointed out by CurlyWhirly.

I'm sorry that our modification prevented some people from posting until they had re-logged in.

  p;3 01:40 10 Nov 2005

I got caught out by this one while trying to post and did think I had been banned for whatever reason; it is rather alarming to be composing a reply to a thread, have it all ready to post; click on post, then find yourself logged out; however, if the idiot who did spam the forum recently has another go or another member does likewise, at least their actions can be curtailed in real-time and stop the forum from being under a complete take-over bid,preventing those who really need help from getting it:)

  TOPCAT® 15:47 10 Nov 2005

software set on auto-stop for the times the FE and other moderators are away catching some well deserved beauty sleep! It should ideally be able to spot 'spam' posts and similar 'nasties' and take the appropriate action. The forums are now opened up and visible to all so I think extra vigilance is the order of the day.

Now where did I put that software design book....?? ;o) TC.

  Forum Editor 18:12 10 Nov 2005

You'll be the first to know if ever you're banned. Settle down with the site and allow yourself to get used to it.

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