The Posters said 'Sale Now On'

  jakimo 00:38 02 Jan 2011

Dropped into a Debenhams Restaurant for a snack this afternoon,and bought a newspaper on display next to the till to read while enjoying my snack.

On sitting at my table I happened to glance at my snack receipt,and noticed I had been charged £1.35 for the 70p newspaper,I claimed a refund but I wonder how many people didn't noticed this overcharging.

  Quickbeam 08:08 02 Jan 2011

This must have really been riling you until 00:38 when you were moved to vent your annoyance so publicly...

  sunnystaines 09:09 02 Jan 2011

they was to be free while having a drink or snack

  sunnystaines 09:10 02 Jan 2011

was should be were.

are you sure you were not charged in error by new staff member.

  spuds 15:59 02 Jan 2011

The golden rule, is to 'always' check your receipts before leaving.

I tend to find that the 'errors' are always in the stores favour. That is until I claim the refund, and any goodwill gestures ;o)

Even found out the other day, that if you forget to claim your Tesco points, then take your receipt back within 14 days, and the store customer services will issue the missing points to your account.

  ukpostcode 16:16 02 Jan 2011

Went to local Millets today to get a bargin or two in their sale.
We went for a coffee & tea amd a bun each and they forgot to charge us for the pot of tea, the bill however still came to over £7!

  BT 16:41 02 Jan 2011

Tesco will also refund you DOUBLE the amount overcharged.

  Bapou 16:57 02 Jan 2011

Overcharging is a regular occurrence at the main supermarkets. Rarely a visit goes by when my wife can walk out having been charged correctly.

Items are reduced in price but the info is not being relayed to the check outs. At least that's the answer usually given at the Service Desk.

It must happen so often, stores no longer apologise by way of a voucher for your next visit.

As Spuds says, always check your receipts.

Looking on the bright side, Friday, went to buy an electric saw from Argos, brochure price £49.50

Handed my order over to the cashier and she asked for £37.46. I was gobsmacked and obviously showed it, she checked again - definitely £37.46. Now that put a smile on face.

  spuds 17:40 02 Jan 2011

When in Argos, I usually check items I intend to buy or consider on their stock checkers, which usually provides stock availability and latest 'bargain' prices.

The checker sometimes fails though,due to no reference number, if stock is discontinued and only displayed in the window cards or notice board as 'clearance', or sometimes on racks near the checkouts.

Checking on-line can be hit and miss, especially if 'Reserve and Collect'. It usually gives a disclaimer, that the store price on the day, is the amount you pay.

In PCW, look for items finishing in 97p (?).

I save (or spend) a fortune looking these things up ;o))

  Quiller. 17:46 02 Jan 2011

PC world.

When I do. It is very rare that the price paid at the till matches the ticket price.

It's usually cheaper at the tills. ;-))

  Bapou 17:52 02 Jan 2011

Thanks for the advice on Argos, I never think about checking the stock checker.

On this occasion my old saw went kaput and was needed for the weekend. It was basically a sudden decision to renew as soon as.

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