Postal Strike - Is it right?

  The Brigadier 14:40 04 Oct 2007

Post workers start 48-hour strike more @ click here

  ventanas 14:44 04 Oct 2007

No it is not right. I sincerely hope they all suffer in the end. I've no time at all for unions.

  newman35 14:54 04 Oct 2007

In the main unions have done much, over many years, to protect vulnerable workers from exploitation and so, even though I may not agree with them all the time, I would defend their rights to act in defence of members.
I do not believe such action by the postal workers is simply to cause us disruption - usually it is about some form of injustice that has gone on too long.
In any dispute there has to be 'casualties' and the postal workers themselves are among them.

  Jak_1 15:00 04 Oct 2007

'No it is not right. I sincerely hope they all suffer in the end. I've no time at all for unions.'

You are all heart and sympathy!!!!! How would you feel if it was you in their place? How would you feel if where you work the suddenly made changes that could see you ending up with less pay or your job on the line?

It was the same Union (CWU) that stopped my last employer from exploiting me by trying to make me redundant due to their own incompetence.

  crosstrainer 15:12 04 Oct 2007

Sympathise with the postal workers, and am a strong supporter of the trade union movement (or what remains of it) I can't help feeling that these strikes are "shooting the workers in the foot"

I used to rely on parcel force to despatch urgent items and components to clients.....I very rarely use them now. They have become expensive and sadly, unreliable.

I (and I fear many others soon) have migrated to a third party carrier, and can anticipate a day when the "last mile" will also be undertaken by these companies, rendering the Post Office redundant.

Would you pay 75p for a first class letter if it was GUARANTEED to arrive the next day? Would you be prepared to pay more for a reliable parcel service? I would, but it's not there any more, at least not presently.

The next week will only cause me minor problems, IE: no personal mail at home. My bills, business items etc. are all handled on line, or by the aforementioned third party carrier.

  The Brigadier 15:20 04 Oct 2007

FedEx, UPS, TNT & others must be lapping this up.
Royal Mail come to a halt, no post will be delivered & by the time the next 48 hour strike happens on Monday most post will have been sitting around for nearly a week.
If they carry on striking they may not have much of a mail service to come back to!

  Diemmess 15:29 04 Oct 2007

The Post Office deliveries are as crosstrainer said "shooting themselves in the foot".

The tragedy of the full strike way over 20 years ago when Tom Jackson led the union to defeat and cost himself his health, signalled the beginning of the end for what had been a national institution for over hundred years.

Users soon found other ways and means, some inconvenient or more expensive, but inevitably a portion of R.M. business was lost forever.
These strikes will mean still fewer customers.

The only long term losers will be older and lonely people who still rely on their postman and the employees themselves in this unhappy service.

  ventanas 16:30 04 Oct 2007

All heart and sympathy, I have no sympathy whatsoever with anything to do with trade unions. They have no place at all in the present day.

And as has been said, this strike is simply suicide. The Post Office should simply impose their wishes and anyone who doesn't agree can look for work elsewhere.

By the time this union have finished Royal Mail will be lucky to have any customers left. I hope this bunch of troublemakers really suffer for this. Bring back Maggie.

  Jak_1 16:39 04 Oct 2007

You talk from somewhere unmentionable. I was glad the Union was around to help me when I needed it. There are still a lot of incompetent/exploitative employers out there and without the Unions help workers would be sorely dissadvantaged.

  georgemac © 17:58 04 Oct 2007

I agree largely with crosstrainer on this issue

Why do so many see that only the unions are to blame? There are always 2 sides in a dispute. A lot of modern unions try to work along with the employer as they realise that if industrial action cause the firm to lose business this will also harm their members.

Unions got far too much bad press in the 70's thanks to Scargill and his cronies using them for political purposes and not for the good of the members.

Everyone should have the right to withdraw their labour if negotiation totally breaks down, unless the service they provide is so essential it would be to the detriment of the country, when arbitration by an independent body should be force on both parties IMHO.

If the post office fails it will be a blow to us who live in rural areas, but thankfully not nearly so important now with email, text etc.

  Stuartli 18:36 04 Oct 2007

This is one of very few strike actions that I support - the way the post office workers have been treated is quite disgraceful.

Has anyone noticed that the Government, which has the largest stake in the business, has been remarkably quiet on the matter?

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