Postal Strike - Is it right 2

  Lewy002 10:45 02 Nov 2009

The post workers are saying the strikes are for a number of different reasons. One of whick is pay, but if they keep going the post office is going to lose so much business they will have no pay as the post workers will lose there jobs.

They are also under the impression they have the support of the general public, but this is not the case. I like many others have lost my job due to the ecomomy, so my self and my family(two young children) are having to live off benefits until i can find another job. I say live off benefits but we don't have are benefits as the LAZY BEEPING POSTAL WORKERS would rather strike and get drunk instead of doing the job they are paided to do.


Other businesses are starting to move to other postal companies for their post needs as the post office is as much use as a CHOCOLATE FIRE GUARD.

My CONTEMPT for the POSTAL WORKERS is growing daily as I am sure yours is and I do so wish it was legal to beat people with a bat.

Back in the 80's the UNION LEADERS ruined the coal industry, do we learn nothing from history are we going to allow the UNION LEADERS to do the same to our POSTAL SERVICE.

My farther-in-law works for the POST OFFICE (He has not been STRIKING by the way) and my god I would love to have his wage, the amount they get paid is not bad at all, they should try working in Customer Service and getting between 10,000 and 12,000 a year. I mean come on, get your [email protected] together and get back to work you LAZY LAZY BEEP BEEP BEEPING BEEPS.

  Pine Man 11:46 02 Nov 2009


  birdface 11:59 02 Nov 2009

Not sure if it is the correct thing to do or not.
Obviously the majority of postal workers agree on the strike or it would not be allowed to happen.
probably the timing could have been better.
I know a couple of postmen and they are out in all weathers to make sure that you get your mail.
Its probably a better job in the summer than the winter but you never hear them moan about it up till now.
Your remarks are understandable but showing remarks from unnamed persons is a bit over the top.
I am sure that we could have added our own comments without those.

  lofty29 12:09 02 Nov 2009

It is always easy to condem a situation or people you know nothing about, I would not say that the posties are highly paid, they do a difficult job in often bad conditions. Our postman is first class, and the amount of mail he carries around in all weathers is amazing. As for the coal mining industry there are two sides to that story as well.

  Pine Man 12:56 02 Nov 2009

'they do a difficult job'

I'm not knocking postmen but I think that's a bit over the top.

Locate street, locate number of property, push letter through hole in door, job done.

  Quickbeam 13:10 02 Nov 2009

Well, in one respect you're right, striking in a recession that most are suffering in isn't getting much support at all.

I also have no respect for 'part time strikers', if you're going to strike, have the bottle to see it through with a proper strike. Of course they won't do that, the miners' strike frightened everyone out of doing that anymore.

So they'll just have to talk to find a result. Rattles and prams come to mind...

  lofty29 13:45 02 Nov 2009

Pine Man
perhaps I should have said physically demanding job, lumping a heavy sack around in all weathers I class a "difficult".

  Woolwell 13:53 02 Nov 2009

Capitals and beeps don't help a case.

This strike is likely to cause jobs to be lost rather than saved. As far as I can work out the dispute is more about the sorting than the postperson we see on the streets. We tend to think of them rather than those working in the sorting offices and driving trucks, etc. I suspect that there could be modernisation in the sorting offices.

  Pine Man 13:58 02 Nov 2009

I agree 100%.

  Kevscar1 14:17 02 Nov 2009

My impression is that part of the strike is because it used to be that if they finished early they went home and still got a full days pay. Now Royal Mail is insisting that they do a full days work for a full days pay.

  Pine Man 15:36 02 Nov 2009

'Now Royal Mail is insisting that they do a full days work for a full days pay.'

Whatever next!

Delivering mail to the correct address;-)

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