postal oddities

  gengiscant 07:51 09 Oct 2010

I was,as usual,channel hopping the TV last evening and came upon a program on Quest called how do they do it.A program that was on channel 5 and endeavors to explain how various items are made etc.
A good idea for a program except they cram too many items into a 25min program, but I digress.

There was an item on how the Royal Mail gets a letter from top of the UK to the bottom. As a person who has got claiming for un-delivered mail/packages down to a fine art I was quite interested in this subject.
It started off as little more than a propaganda film informing the viewer how clever the machines are that sort the mail Which they certainly were, but the point of this post was the letters which had nothing more than a persons first name and a stamp.

What is going through these peoples minds when they slip their letter into the red box?

  jack 09:06 09 Oct 2010

I saw bits of both transmissions Quest last night and earlier in the week as it went out on 5.
Each time it brought to mind the following
In mid august last My daughter and I went on a cruise to Scotland and Norway.
We each purchased cards in Edinburgh and in Norway for friends and family.
As the vessel stopped a part day at each location we entrusted the postage to the ship-a box at reception.
When we got home and a week or so later no cards had arrived.- I concluded the ship had forgotten or mis posted the items[A largely Russian Crew]
But then they started to arrive5/6 weeks later- not all at once but one here another later somewhere else the latest on Tuesday this week - to addresses in more or less the same general area - NW Kent.
How did they do that??

  jack 09:17 09 Oct 2010

Indeed - many years ago when cinemas were closing in our towns or converting to bingo
Our local residents group purchased 16mm projectors and set up a community cinema -We called it The Fleet Screen - it was my task to organize the programs from the distributors- these were main feature films made available by the big boys in 16mm format released in catalogues about 6 months after the main circuit release.
As a side feature I also obtained such promotional films from the large industrial orgs., made in much the same way as 'How do they do that?'
All quite absorbing mainly.
A cheap source of material for CH5 and Discovery[Quest] I would imagine.

  gengiscant 09:56 09 Oct 2010

According to the report,this particular sorting office got 400 of this type of mail per week,awful lot of forgetful people in one area, thats not forgetting all the other odd ways people address their mail on top of that.

  spuds 15:40 09 Oct 2010

You should have tuned into the BBC's Watchdog this week. Same item, same size, but the sensitive machines say no on postal rates, and people were surcharged for this.

Quest a superb station, but last night I kept getting a 'fuzzy' screen. Did anyone else?.

  ella33 14:26 12 Oct 2010

It might be asking rather a lot but I do wish they could take that bit of extra care when they do get it to the correct place and not deliver it to next door. I have a neighbour who loves opening post belonging to other people and spreading the "good news" far and wide. I apologize for the digression.

  spuds 14:47 12 Oct 2010

Inform the Royal Mail, that will stop the postman delivering elsewhere, but it would also mean that people that are happy with the 'arrangement' will need to make other collecting procedures, which they might not be very happy about!.

  ronalddonald 20:34 12 Oct 2010

letters that aren't addressed properly should be destroyed its wasting tax payers money

  peter99co 23:23 12 Oct 2010

My initials on a letter plus a post code with a house number should be sufficient.

Or am I wrong?

  ella33 23:37 12 Oct 2010

Well it is all people ask for when they want to know your address but to be fair they have a computer to hand. I think for the everyday sorters it is easier if you give more information on the envelope but strictly speaking it should be enough information.

spuds, it shouldn't mean collection elsewhere, as it is ordinary post being wrongly delivered. It is easy to open someone else's post if it has been delivered to you in error but we seem to have a good old fashioned witch here who attracts people's post and then tells everyone about it! Just a case of the postie looking more carefully, I should think, either that or she has an arrangement with her!

I do apaologise for straying from the original question but I will take spuds advice and report this to Royal Mail

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