Post-Pub Kebabs

  The Brigadier 18:12 27 Jan 2009

Doner kebabs in the UK have been found to contain the equivalent fat to drinking more than one and a half wine glasses of cooking oil.

A nationwide sample of the nutritional content of the takeaway meal found the average doner also contained close to an adult's entire daily recommended intake of salt. Before adding salad and sauce the average kebab contained 1,000 calories but researchers found some with 1,990.

Last year food scientists tested a doner kebab containing 140g of fat - twice the amount a woman should eat in a day. This was said to be the calorific equivalent to drinking a wine glass full of cooking oil.

The most gut busting kebabs in this latest study provide 346% of a woman's saturated fat intake, close to drinking two wine glasses of cooking oil.
Given that 60% of kebabs have been found to contain cholesterol raising trans fats, fans of the takeaway could be risking their health.

Another big finding was that 35% of the meat sent to kebab shops listed a different meat species than was actually contained. Six kebabs were found to include pork when it was not listed as an ingredient, two of which were described as Halal - which Muslims are permitted to eat.

Christopher Baylis told Sky News Lacors want to make sure everyone is given the right information.
"The labelling is on the kebabs when they come from the manufacturers. It is bad not to convey exactly what is in the kebab," he said. The minute weight difference between a small and large kebab is also a problem, said Chairman of Lacors, councillor Geoffrey Theobald.

"With obesity rates rising so rapidly in the UK, portion size is as important as what is being consumed. "Reducing portion size is an easy and cost-effective way for small businesses to help people eat sensibly," he said. The study sampled 494 kebabs from 76 councils and found that the calorie count varied up and down the country.

The average kebab in the North West of England contained 1,101 calories while in Scotland it was 1,084, in Wales 1,055 and 1,066 in south-west England. The lowest calorie kebabs can be found in Northern Ireland where the snack weighed in at an average of 843.

  Chegs ®™ 18:20 27 Jan 2009

I recall the smell from takeaway food during my years as a taxi driver being not disimilar to stale cat food.Therefore I used to insist the passengers placed their "food" in the boot.Depending upon how drunk they were depended on the reaction to my request,very drunk = swearing and abuse,tipsy = acceptance of my request.I even had one guy decide he agreed it smelled foul & deposited it unopened in the nearest bin.

  User-1229748 18:49 27 Jan 2009

i seem to recall about 25 years ago the kebabs round my way were filled about a third meat and two thirds salad,these days those proportions have been more than reversed there's barely any room for the salad.

  jack 20:06 27 Jan 2009

rotating in the window _ oft wondered exactly what they are made from.
Being halal I guess they should be sheep/goat/or camel.
Personally I would not buy one at all.
Can any one tell us exactly what does go into the and more interestingly perhaps - How

  al's left peg 20:23 27 Jan 2009

They are often marked down as halal but they have been found to contain most meats including beef and pork!

You would not get me within a quater of a mile of one. Sitting in traffic early one evening I watched with my dad as a wreck of an old Ford Sierra estate pulled up in front of us. Driver gets out and opens the boot, pulls an old rolled up carpet out of said boot. Unrolls the carpet on the tailgate and unveils a full kebab already on the big spike, ready to put on the rotating cooking machine. He then throws this thing up onto his shoulder and carried it into the shop straight onto the cooking machine. This could be clearly seen through the shop window. He gave it a bit of a pat down, a quick thumbs up to the shop proprietor and he was off.
Two weeks later a friend of mine, told me of someone he worked with had caught serious food poisoning in which it was so bad, their finger nails and toe nails fell off.

  dagnammit 23:09 27 Jan 2009

I used to enjoy a kebab doused in Garlic Sauce... the garlic hides the taste of the meat. lol.

Stopped when I was piling on the weight and I got a bad dose of the "runs" and nearly had an accident at work. Oh the horror, the shame of it, if I hadn't manage to get back to the toilets in time. :(

Sorry for the details.

  WhiteTruckMan 23:12 27 Jan 2009

Not as sorry as we are :)


  donki 23:36 27 Jan 2009

The takeaway kebabs are absolute DIRT..... but rather tasty with some chili sauce. The proper kebabs out of a good indian restaurant is a different matter, usually lamb or beef fillet :).

  anthonystorey 00:04 28 Jan 2009

i was listening to radio 2 this morning and terry was discussing kebabs - high in fat high in salt but not forgeting high in taste.
the kebabs from my local chippy are very tasty dont now whats in em and dont really care.

  DANZIG 08:02 28 Jan 2009

I'm no food prude and will pretty much shovel any old rubbish down my throat, but for some reason I have never had a kebab in a post pub/club munchies quelling session.

I've never liked the look of them and I just think they are a bit inconvenient to eat as the stuff thats in them just seems to end up all over the path.

Give me a burger or a pizza anytime!

  laurie53 08:04 28 Jan 2009

The old adage applies - you get what you pay for.

I would not go to a kebab shop expecting to get a healthy meal, and anyone who does is at best naive!

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