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  Diemmess 13:42 02 Oct 2007

With the announcement today click here about a large batch of Post Offices to close, it would seem that to Whitehall bean counters this is an acceptable stage in the elimination of The Post Office altogether.

Little by little its monopoly of various services, has not only been broken to allow competitors a chance to compete with the more lucrative bits, and at the same time has excluded the P.O. from taking part.

Village post offices are closing almost daily in rural places where their presence is a boon to those without a car.

Now, small towns look like losing their offices.
Major sorting offices in SW Midlands are threatened with closure by amalgamation.

Will we never learn that Big is by no means always Best.

  jack 15:06 02 Oct 2007

This Socialist government seems to have forgotten about providing for the social needs of the populace at large with the public purse and is more interested in creating supluses with which to pay themselves and the civil service ever increasing salaries and pensions.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:29 02 Oct 2007

I cannot remember the last time that I was in a PO. All my bills are paid by DD or Internet, I cannot remember the last time I sent a letter and the last time I bought stamps was from Waitrose. I know people are going to start writing 'well what about the poor pensioners' etc. but I feel that my situation is becoming more and more the norm as people (esp. younger ones) find that they do not need a post office. I have also rarely physically used a bank in 4 years.


  Bingalau 15:37 02 Oct 2007

Gandalf. as one of the older pensioner types, I must agree that I also do not use the Post Office as much as I used to. But I would miss it if it disappeared altogether. I give it a rare old pasting at Christmas time, when I send out in excess of a hundred cards to friends and relations in such diverse places as Australia; NZ; Canada; Germany etc. I always purchase my stamps from the little local one in my area and also my purchases of Birthday Cards etc., is from them. Probably a little more expensive than the specialist shops but I always get a bit of friendly banter from them. I think we have to vote with our feet and use them a lot more if we are to save them going under.

  Cymro. 15:43 02 Oct 2007

It seems that neither of the major political parties are willing to subsidise the post Office on the grounds of social need.

Like GANDALF<|:-)> I can`t say that I make very much use of such local services, so I suppose it is a case of use it or loose it.

As it was only the other week that I criticized subsides to farmers so I can hardly ask for government subsides for other rural businesses, although I do live in a rural aria.

  Diemmess 16:18 02 Oct 2007

Splitting Post Office Telephones from other PO services was understandable and only now is BT having to work hard to keep up.

Ending the Pension and Allowances books was to me the fatal blow.
It appeared tidy and everyone should have a bank to have these allowances paid direct .... shouldn't they?

In this small village there are still one or two who have never been further than the county town in their lives.
There are very many more who do not have a car at least while the earner is at work.
Our sub PO is still used, but may not exist by next year when subsidies end. As a sign of less use, it has always had a half-day on Wednesdays but is now closed from Friday at 1200 till 0900 on Mondays.
Carrying the proper forms for everything from Passports to Premium Bonds doesn't produce income.

  dth 16:42 02 Oct 2007

This is a difficult one for me - as generally I believe in market forces being the answer for most things. But as I live in a small village I can appreciate the social benefits of having a post office there.

But on the other hand my personal experiences are not very different to Gandalfs. Is the case for keeping the post offices not the same logic as was applied to keeping the failed british car making industry of the 70s.

  Cymro. 17:06 02 Oct 2007

Is the case for keeping the post offices not the same logic as was applied to keeping the failed British car making industry of the 70s.

Yes I dare say that you are right but that also goes for other industries such as coal, steel, ship building and any others you can think about.

As for "market forces" that is the theory of the weakest goes to the wall and the strong and powerfully survive.

  jakimo 17:12 02 Oct 2007

Not all pensioners that use the PO are Poor?

  Cymro. 17:18 02 Oct 2007

"Not all pensioners that use the PO are Poor?"

I dare say that you are right but the wealthy once are the most likely to use the banks where as the poor once probably don`t have a bank account and so depend more on the post office.

  jakimo 17:22 02 Oct 2007

As usual you have little consideration for other peoples needs, We dont all have a Waitrose in the area to buy our stamps from

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