Post Delivery Today

  ol blueeyes 16:11 22 Oct 2009

I had a Post Delivery at 11.30 am Today Thursday 22nd October 2009. Congratulations to our Local Postal Workers, keep the Flag Flying.

  Spark6 16:17 22 Oct 2009

North Somerset too, 11.00 hrs. Don't we just love our posties. Keep up the good work lads.

  ol blueeyes 16:22 22 Oct 2009


Sorry I should have said I'm South Gloucestershire.

  bremner 16:51 22 Oct 2009

Sorry guys but the delivery staff are not on strike until tomorrow.

Quote from BBC click here

"At 0400 BST, about 42,000 mail centre staff and drivers up and down the country began a 24-hour strike.
On Friday, about 78,000 delivery and collection workers are expected to walk out."

  QuizMan 17:27 22 Oct 2009

I agree with Bremner. I spoke to our local postie yesterday and he is (reluctantly) striking on the 23rd.

  peter99co 17:54 22 Oct 2009

Our postie said he does not mind a day off but feels it is not likely to change anything.

  Forum Editor 18:47 22 Oct 2009

the people who put the letters through your door were not on strike today - that happens tomorrow, and judging by what's been said this evening it's now going to happen next week as well.

  spuds 19:32 22 Oct 2009

One thing that I did notice this morning, we had a van delivery at 9am, then a 'normal' drop at 12.05pm. In the mail was a couple of letters containing credit card statements from different banks. The one from Barclaycard with the TNT sticker, was given a very local address instead of the usual Northampton address. So it would appear that the banks are making local distribution arrangement!.

Reading an article in yesterdays media, it would seem to suggest that TNT are having thoughts about taking over from Royal Mail in the future!.

Perhaps todays delivery might be an indication ;o)

  ajm 19:53 22 Oct 2009

I normally get between 6-12 letters a day. Today nothing!

However yesterday I ordered about 6 items from internet companies including Amazon, Crucial,and had the delivery address to my mothers house approx 50 doors from mine and these all arrived today, including one that was sent by Royal Mail recorded.

  peter99co 21:15 22 Oct 2009

click here

The next wave of action will begin on 29 October.

  Spark6 11:12 23 Oct 2009

Delivery at 09.55 this morning. One of the lucky ones?

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