Possibly the worst idea for a game.

  wolfie3000 22:27 10 May 2008

I thought that a ship simulator was pretty tedious well they have taken it a step further with Bus simulator.

click here

Now you can enjoy the mindless tedium of picking up passengers and dropping them off.

A must for those who drive buses for a living,

Heres a video of the in game "Action"

click here

Heres how the game should be like,

click here

The guy manages to drift the bus at 0:22, now thats real gaming.

  rodriguez 22:31 10 May 2008

I downloaded a demo of one called Bus Driver for a laugh. It really is what it says on the tin - you drive a bus. And get points for accurate driving, timekeeping and not braking too sharply. Bizarre. click here

  wolfie3000 22:36 10 May 2008

How many bus simu7lators are there out there?

Looks like game designers are really scraping the barrel.

Whats next office simulator, virtual pc repair man or an all action packed watching paint dry game?

  rdave13 22:45 10 May 2008

Maybe even I could 'handle' this game.
There again maybe not.
Still you have train spotting enthusiast so possibly this might appeal to some. Yawn.
Tickets please..

  belfman 00:17 11 May 2008

I saw this the other day on the shelf in the shop, which is exactly where I left it. Obviously a market for it though otherwise why make it?

  smokingbeagle 07:43 11 May 2008
  dagbladet 09:00 11 May 2008

So wolfie, what games do REAL men play? Just so I know like. I'd hate to buy the wrong one and appear...you know...nerdy.

  wolfie3000 09:07 11 May 2008

Id have no problems with filling bambi full of lead, iv killed thousands of different virtual creatures from the flood (Halo) to leopards, tigers and bears. (Tomb raider)

As for games for REAL men, well i wouldn't know, define REAL men???

If you play any type of game on a pc then you one step closer to becoming a nerd, im a lost cause now lol

  crosstrainer 09:12 11 May 2008

What next? A train spotting sim? I will stick to Crysis (cant't play at the moment, as am not allowed to sit at PC for long periods due to (see "gout update" in speakers corner)

How is your recovery going wolfie? Mine has just begun.

Annoying to get ill when have just built myself this:

AMD Phenom 9800 quad core
4gb Corsair DDR3 ram
2x 500gb sata hdd
Nvidia 8800GTX

It flys! and plays Crysis at max settings without missing a beat, still have not had the chance to tweak it yet ):

  wolfie3000 09:21 11 May 2008

WOW Crosstrainer thats a hell of a rig, im sorry to hear about the gout problem i wish you a speedy recovery.

As for me well im getting there.

Heres a test to see if you are a game nerd, check your hard drive, if more than half the data on it is anything to do with games (including mods save games backup's ect...) then your a gaming nerd. lol

I just checked mine i have around 70MB of game saves alone, 43GB of video i shot playing games, 12GB of mods and 400MB of screenshots.

The games themselves probably take up around 150GB

  crosstrainer 09:27 11 May 2008

It's not yet, cause the gout isn't gout (Deep vein thrombosis) But normally it would be at least as full of games as yours! I have aq large pine DVD rack full of games waiting to be installed! Some are not Vista Ultimate compatible, but most are.....They will go on when I am better, (could be 6 months ):)

Glad to hear you are getting well :)

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