Possible moves to lower drink-driving limit

  TopCat® 18:29 15 Jun 2007

in this country to be more in-line with the European Union. I for one believe a lower limit is well overdue here. At the same time they should review non-medical drug use while driving as well. TC. click here

  VideoSentry 18:54 15 Jun 2007

I personally ( having seen many accidents as a police officer ) think that we should go 0 tolerance,that way there is no "How much can I drink" etc.,

  Jackcoms 19:00 15 Jun 2007

"go 0 tolerance"

And, as a police officer, how do you envisage that would be policed?

Stop every driver on the road just in case they've been drinking something stronger than a fizzy water?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:06 15 Jun 2007

Your probably going to have a natural level of approx 30 just from the food you eat.
So 50 is a sensible level i.e. one drink is one drink too many.

Simple rule

If you drink then don't drive.
If you drive then don't drink.

  Jackcoms 19:10 15 Jun 2007

I as wondering how long it would take someone to state the obvious (sensible) rule.

Well done

  nick2308 19:35 15 Jun 2007

About time, I totally agree with this move. They should make it lower, so that if you have A drink you are over the limit.

"And, as a police officer, how do you envisage that would be policed?"

With more patrols and random stops.

  rdave13 19:43 15 Jun 2007

Then with zero tolerance, as VideoSentry suggests, you could be banned and fined for driving whilst using aftershave. Also for using some prescribed drugs used under medical supervision?

  45 Mart 19:46 15 Jun 2007

One possible reason why it can't be policed.
click here

Cash machines can't tell if someone has been drinking!

  hzhzhzhz 19:51 15 Jun 2007

I think that its time for a driver to be able to find out if he/she is over the limit before attempting to drive. Self test kits should be made available.

  nick2308 19:51 15 Jun 2007

There should be more roadside test carried out by the police, with them should be a crushing machine. So as soon as you fail the test, you car is crushed!

Next on the list are Drivers who are smashed on drugs.

  J B 20:26 15 Jun 2007

This is good news, in fact the best news I have heard in a long time. It is about time IMHO. J.B.

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