posh spice

  User-1229748 19:26 15 May 2008

with all the bad news in the world at least we wont have to listen to posh spice as it is being reported that she is to hang up her microphone.

  belfman 19:36 15 May 2008

I heard that she's actually quite shy and dieted in order to hide behind the microphone stand. Maybe now she'll put a bit of weight on??

  rossgolf 21:56 15 May 2008


  Kev.Ifty 22:29 15 May 2008

We may be able to enjoy the benefits of Posh Spice no longer pursuing a 'Music' career.

Will we be also blessed with the lack of stories telling us what shoes she has on, what designer knickers she is wearing and whether she is pregnant or not?

I look forward to that day.

  DrScott 22:54 15 May 2008

of 'posh' and 'spice' still strikes a note...

  WhiteTruckMan 23:00 15 May 2008

'B' flat, perhaps?


  crosstrainer 15:39 16 May 2008


  Miros 15:45 16 May 2008

Thought David wore the knickers in their house.

  tullie 17:33 16 May 2008

Hopefully she might stop the publicity seeking,and never heard from again,her husband too,i doubt it though.

  User-1229748 10:15 17 May 2008

i think she will soon have a nasty surprise when she can no longer hide her signs of ageing.Thats when she'll be wondering why there are no paperazzi following her every move :)

  jakimo 21:41 17 May 2008

Will she be able to cope when the ageing process & gravity get the upper hand...whereas David will mature gracefully and attract the ladies into old age.

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