Portion sizes

  Jameslayer 19:42 22 Aug 2010

Was in my local shop and relised that all his crisps sizes are now grab bag and bigger and the pop is now coming in 750ml(i think). Still had tins and 500ml

Why do out portion sizes need to be larger? IS it a cynical marketing ploy to increase their profits or are we as comsumers requesting bigger portions.

Will this speed up societys rise to obesity?

  robgf 20:12 22 Aug 2010

If the consumers didn't buy the supersized (is that a word?) products, the shops wouldn't stock them.
This is why you see so many fat people nowadays.

I recently went to dinner at a friends home. The friend and his family have always been rather chunky, which he has always claimed ran in the family.
Sitting down to dinner was a shock, the fruit starter was enormous (I was full then), followed by steak and a mountain of vegetables. Fortunately I don't eat meat (don't like the taste) so only had the vegetables to contend with.
I was tempted by the cheese cake afters, but feared I might explode. Then there was cake, followed by cheese, all of which I declined.

The next day, my friend asked if I was alright, as I hadn't eaten much. I explained that the portions were much bigger than I was used to, but I don't think he got it.

  Jameslayer 20:19 22 Aug 2010

Can you have to many vegatables? But I agrea with you how some peoples portions sizes are compleatly diffrnt.

I think fat is partly genetics the rest is will power and how you are brought up.

  Woolwell 20:24 22 Aug 2010

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  Forum Editor 23:54 22 Aug 2010

I was once publicly ridiculed in a Starbucks in New York's Chinatown because I didn't comply with their coffee size naming code. The girl serving made a big thing of my ignorance in a loud voice, telling me to "get a goddam move on", as other customers smirked knowingly.

  Forum Editor 00:00 23 Aug 2010

this obsession with heaping food on people. When in New York I always have breakfast in the same diner - partly to marvel at the size of the breakfasts being eaten by the cops who frequent the place. I very much doubt that any of them could give chase to anyone after consuming a huge stack of pancakes with sausage and half a pint of Maple syrup, all washed down with three or four cups of coffee.

Fast food places in this country have caught onto the 'super-size me' mentality, and sure enough, more and more people are becoming super-size themselves.

  Belatucadrus 01:25 23 Aug 2010
  morddwyd 07:12 23 Aug 2010

"Can you have to many vegatables?"

When I had my annual "cardiac disease" check a few years ago I was told by the specialist cardiac nurse that I was eating far too many vegetables and I was to cut down and eat more meat, but not chicken, which I was also eating too much of (once or twice a month!).

I took no notice and I'm still alive and have lost some weight!

  BT 08:19 23 Aug 2010

Couple of stories from Starbucks.

I once asked if I could just have a plain coffee rather than one of their overpriced concoctions, which was received with a look of amazement from the assistant.

Friend of mine was asked if he would like the weeks special, a Brazilian. He was feeling a bit naughty and replied to the young female assistant that he'd give it a miss and just stick with the coffee!

  zzzz999 08:26 23 Aug 2010

BT did she tear a strip off of him :-)

  BT 08:31 23 Aug 2010

Don't know ;-))
but it made her blush apparently.

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