PORSCHE..Is this too cheap..?

  barca1 00:53 27 Apr 2008

Just having a look on gumtree for a new car & saw this i thought it was a bit to cheap but i dont know the price of a porsche, baring in mind its got high mileage but you know tha saying "If its too cheap it Probably is"

& @ £4k....?

click here

  Koochy 01:43 27 Apr 2008

I would go to click here and check it out there first but to me it smells a little more fishy than a fishy thing. I may be wrong but i would go carefull.


  Chegs ®™ 03:59 27 Apr 2008

According to WhatCar,its worth approx £20k but as the Hull advert says 911- 996 Carrera is it a 911 or a different model?

I made a simple rule when looking through 2nd hand cars...if the owner couldnt correctly identify the vehicle in their ad...avoid it like the plague.If it was the newspaper that had screwed up in the wording,then the car would invariably reappear at a later date with the correct details.I wouldnt have a Porshe anyway,group 20 insurance just so you can pose.....

  Noldi 07:58 27 Apr 2008

PORSCHE 911 2dr [996] Carrera Coupe
Is the actual model but should be around 20K.
So yes it is to cheap or a typing error.


  Noldi 08:01 27 Apr 2008

click here



  spuds 13:43 27 Apr 2008

Didn't someone who was going through a bad divorce proceedings, sell a rather very top of the range, hard to come by expensive car a few years ago, for a ridiculously low price. Apparently, the car had been given as a present, and the owner no longer wanted the vehicle. Revenge or sad memories?.

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