Porsche challenges C-charge rise

  barca1 13:30 19 Feb 2008

Very brave of them,the goverment is simply TOO greedy for money...again another money spinner for the goverment

GOOD LUCK Porsche.!!!!!!!

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  Clapton is God 14:28 19 Feb 2008

"again another money spinner for the government"

Not so.

The London congestion charge is nothing to do with central government.

It's actually an 'initiative' dreamed up by Ken Livingstone (London mayor) and his team of money-grabbers.

  €dstowe 14:54 19 Feb 2008

Anyone able to afford to buy and run a Porsche is well able to afford to pay the congestion charge. To my mind it's a bit rich of them to raise objections like this.

  Noels 15:22 19 Feb 2008

Don't vote for Ken next time round also start walking!

  barca1 15:23 19 Feb 2008

@ least we all agree its a "Money Spinner" that the public WONT see any of...

  jakimo 15:27 19 Feb 2008

Porche has little hope of getting the better of the Mayor of the Centre of the Universe (so some think) Ken Livingstone

  kingisangus 15:34 19 Feb 2008

Do you mean anyone that is able to pay huge sums of tax on their income, huge sums of tax when they bought the car, huge sums of tax on the fuel they put into their car should be nailed again? Got love this country, the people who pay the most tax to support a health and education system they don't use are abused for complaining when their wallets are raided again.

Goos to see some people are not bitter......

  anskyber 16:38 19 Feb 2008

The congestion charges and the recent proposed updates are sensible proposals. Perhaps Porche should concentrate on producing lower emission cars rather than protesting, many of us do not want to see such high emissions.

  Forum Editor 17:18 19 Feb 2008

meet the EU emission standards.

If every single Porsche left the streets of London it would have no beneficial effect on air pollution whatever - this is simply another daft idea dreamed up by Ken Livingstone's 'advisor on climate change' Mark Watts. He's the person who has the almighty arrogance to say "No-one needs to drive these really big polluting cars in central London."

Oh really? Now we have a petty little climate change advisor deciding he knows best what people need to do, and there was me thinking this was a country in which people were free to make such decisions themselves.

I would like to remind Mark Watts - and his boss, Ken Livingstone - that the London Congestion Charge is just that - a congestion charge. It was introduced for the express purpose of reducing traffic congestion in Central London, not so that some nonenity could take it upon himself to tell us which car we need to drive.

Ken has lost himself a vote over this foolishness, and I hope that come the mayoral election every Porsche driver votes for someone else. I don't drive one myself, but I'm quite sure one of the grey-faced, grey-suited, grey tea-drinking, grey mentality buffoons in Ken's administration will soon find a way to clobber my car with an extra charge of some kind.

  anskyber 17:43 19 Feb 2008

That's interesting.

I say so because I just wondered how your views sit alongside the comments you made in the "£25. Congestion Charge" thread a few days ago when you said of the increase (and by inplication the rationale of the increases?)

" The increased charge for 4x4s and some sports cars is no great surprise, and inevitable. I hope it has the desired effect."

  Forum Editor 18:13 19 Feb 2008

My comments of a few days ago referred to the fact that the increase isn't a surprise, and is inevitable, which it is. The London Mayor has enormous executive power, he can do more or less what he likes. My remark that "I hope it has the desired effect" was intended as sarcasm. The desired effect is to raise more money.

I haven't changed my mind about the increase. This thread is about Porsche's call for a judicial review, and I support that move, particularly in view of the arrogant statement made by Mark Watts.

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