Poppy Sales

  Jak_1 20:36 12 Nov 2007

I had to hunt high and low this year to get a poppy for remberance. Even in the big supermarkets they were not on sale nor in most pubs and shops. I have not even seen them being sold on the street in town! At one time evry shop anpub had them for sale and volunteers on the streets selling them.
I was wondering just what the reason for this is, in pubs I first thought that maybe it was because in case some light fingered tealeaf would pinch te money etc but then most have a carity box of some kind.
It seems that everywhere is willing to have a charity box of some kind but for this once a year thing they are not!

  Legolas 20:39 12 Nov 2007

I never seen any for sale anywhere although a report on the TV said that so many had been sold that they actually ran out.

  FungusBoggieman 20:42 12 Nov 2007

no problem hear got ours in tesco
also selling in the high street shops

click here

if you want to make a donation for all those who have money to spair.

what a fantastic cause to donate to.

  laurie53 20:43 12 Nov 2007

Found them as widespread as ever this year.

  Brumas 20:53 12 Nov 2007

Same here.

  Jak_1 20:55 12 Nov 2007

Hm, seems odd that in some areas they were on sale everywhere and in others you literaly had to hunt for one.

  ray7 21:09 12 Nov 2007

Must bhave been an area problem.. here (Chester le Street) couldn't find any until Sat a.m.

  Bingalau 21:38 12 Nov 2007

No problems in this area. I notice nowadays they are also selling the more elaborate ones again. I hope the people buying them are putting more money in the box, than they would for an ordinary common or garden one? I have always put a pound in for my common one and then found that a couple of days later it has vanished into thin air. So I buy another one. That also vanishes as do a few others and it's only when I notice that my grand children are all wearing them, that I know where they have gone. My wife also found a little badge type one somewhere this year so they must be selling them too.

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