Pop on trial at the BBC...

  Quickbeam 11:19 10 Jan 2008

click here A bit of fun for all.

The seventies for me. I left school in'72 to one of the best music scenes ever... or is it the nostalgia of lost youth speaking?

I always say though, whatever is in the charts when you leave school, that is your era forever. I don't know anyone that prefers a different era to the one they left school... all the best memories are associated with the early years!

  Kemistri 16:16 10 Jan 2008

I really don't like the kind of music that was around when I left school, and didn't at the time, either.

I can't possibly pick a favourite decade, though.

  wellshgit 20:18 10 Jan 2008

the 50s for me, left school in 57, so I agree with Quickbeam

  mrwoowoo 20:54 10 Jan 2008

Left school in 77 though the 80's music was the best for me.So close but no cigar.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:09 10 Jan 2008

Glam rock rules OK?
No Led Zep, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath.
All the same era

but I do like the New Romantics.

Oh and 67 was the best year ever.

Moody Blues, Hollies, ELO, Fleetwood Mac,
Mozart (what decade was that and does it count?)

The Beatles and the "Stones"

My hard drive contains music written in the 1500s through to present day.

How to make a choice?

I used to be indecisive ... now I'm not so sure.


  Clapton is God 21:14 10 Jan 2008

"Oh and 67 was the best year ever"

Of course it is.

That's when Cream were at their peak and released 'Disraeli Gears'.

  Devil Fish 21:24 10 Jan 2008

Left school in 82 not really tied to a particular era or music genre i like lots of music spanning from the 50s to the present day and prior to that.

If i was tied down and had to choose i would say the 70s with some of the huge rock bands about (and no im not talking bay city rollers or slade ) were talking the big hitters like pink floyd led zepplin deep purple to name a few.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:53 10 Jan 2008

How did we guess you would be a Cream fan?


  Bingalau 22:42 10 Jan 2008

1940's and 1950's for me. That's when all the great singers were understandable, (every word was as clear as a bell). It all went downhill in the 1960's when everything became a shouting match.

  Kemistri 00:06 11 Jan 2008

That's a very inaccurate generalisation from you there, Bingalau.

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