Pop up ads from PC Advisor?

  HighTower 17:03 27 Jul 2007

Just been browsing the forums today and when I closed my browser there were four identical pop up ads waiting for me, for Intel Vostro or something.

I know I can just enable my pop up blocker, but four of the same pop up? Is it just me who's getting this? I'm guessing it is from PC Advisor and not some adware I've picked up that is lurking in my system?

I can live with it of course, but it's a little annoying.

  Cymro. 17:18 27 Jul 2007

Yes I quite agree HighTower.
No doubt that we will now get the usual lecture about how adverts pay for this very fine forum that is free to use etc. etc. But as you rightly say is is something we can live with but it`s a little annoying.

  Forum Editor 17:27 27 Jul 2007

"No doubt that we will now get the usual lecture about how adverts pay for this very fine forum that is free to use etc. etc."

Well yes, because it's true.

  HighTower 20:10 27 Jul 2007

. . . as I understand that advertisers pay and therefore make all this possible, and I've really no problem with this. I've been using this forum now for nearly 5 years and I genuinely find it one of the most useful resources on the web, and that's a credit to you all (both the administrators and all the users).

My only reservation really was not whether there should or should not be pop-up ads, but why I had four of the same one open.

  sinbads 22:14 27 Jul 2007

I know I can just enable my pop up blocker

If its annoying then why not?

  HighTower 22:34 27 Jul 2007

I guess I was just curious as to why so many appeared.

  QuizMan 23:04 27 Jul 2007

I have switched back on the pop-up blocker for PCA for the very reason of multiple pop-ups. I am perfectly happy to tolerate one per session from an advertiser, but not, as Hightower points out, several identical pop-ups.

Sorry PCA, but if you can promise me I shall just get one per session in future, I am very willing to remove the blocker.

  Splooshy 10:39 30 Jul 2007

Try 16!!

I've just switched on my NoAds. Everytime i viewed a thread then went back to the main forum listing page up one popped.

  4gig 12:39 30 Jul 2007

Pop-up use is a valid way to help raise funds in order to finance a free site.

It's a very small price to pay and it is good business practice.
But,I am not too sure whether the adverts are value for money since I automatically remove or try to ignore every single piece of unsolicited advertising.

Especially Intel since I would never dream of buying Intel products until after the customary massive price drop, due to elapsed time.

  Colin 15:01 30 Jul 2007

I get between 2 & 3 of the same Vostro pop up each time I use this site. Isn't that the poster's question, why more than one? Am I being cynical, but does the number of pop ups equate to the amount of revenue the magazine receives?

  The Brigadier 15:06 30 Jul 2007

If you really hate pops when you visit a site, then dont visit it!

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