Poor in UK Vs Poor in Italy

  canarieslover 10:19 21 Dec 2008

Have we drawn the short straw?
UK click here
Italy click here

  Quickbeam 11:25 21 Dec 2008

Does that mean the Italian poor are more cultured?

Most of the poor I can think of would flush the Beluga caviar down the pan. Mind you 30 years ago cod row was common in chip shops, same thing... sort of.

  canarieslover 11:32 21 Dec 2008

No, the Italian poor are not more cultured, it's just that they won't have to borrow money at high interest rates to feed themselves.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:39 21 Dec 2008

If I had to get a loan I would be charged interest, so I do not see why anyone else should have loans, paid for by the taxpayer (me and the rest of you) at no interest. This is called the real world, a place where many more people will have to learn to occupy during the next year or two.


  Quickbeam 11:39 21 Dec 2008

most of the poor in this country could at least double their disposable income by learning to cook for themselves instead of feeding a family of many on take-aways everyday... mind you, maybe they'd just buy more beer n' fags with it instead.

  Forum Editor 11:42 21 Dec 2008

would think of giving Beluga caviar to the poor.

'Let them eat cake'.

I'm sure that if someone in the service had used his/her brain they would have realised they could have sold this stuff on the open market and made enough money to distribute ten times more real food to the poor.

  Chegs ®™ 14:27 21 Dec 2008

Perhaps if the DWP were to start charging interest on these loans then there might be more cash available to loan.

I have applied several times for these loans over the years,and after being told that my application failed because there was no money left or the cheque arrived months too late to be of use or the amount loaned was so little as to be of no use (a funeral cost £1000 & loan given was £138)Many years ago,these items could be claimed for and a grant awarded that didnt need repaid,and the amounts awarded often were without any reasoning.I claimed for a one bedroom flat(furnishing & cutlery,pans,etc)and was granted £238,a trip to the library to read a government handbook was all that was required to submit a second claim & was granted £823 as I discovered that rather than claim for knives/forks/spoons I needed write "place settings" on the application etc.

  dagnammit 22:50 21 Dec 2008

£500 million between 1.2 million people?

I'm sorry, what? A few are getting all of it and most are getting none!

I remember getting made redundant - wasn't in the job long enough for a pay off. Living alone and signed on, with no money to my name (being told it would be a few weeks before I got anything) I asked for a crisis loan and was declined and again on appeal. I had to go hungry for a few days until an estranged relative called on me and learned of my predicament.

Yet an ex-friend who hasn't worked a day in his life and lived in the same flats as me has all the luxuries under the sun. After I moved from the flats the council decided to clear them out - they paid him £6,000 to move to another accomodation that they provided a couple of streets away!

I detest our Benefit system because it permits people to abuse it and others who need it are deprived. I claimed for 3 months and it was the worst time of my life.

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