Poor Old Bruce

  Kev.Ifty 01:18 29 Aug 2007

My Mum's 8 year old Westie (dog) has been found to have a Cancerous Tumour at the top of his front leg.

We have had him examind by the Vets at Cambridge University. They have recomended, because he is still vivant, amputating the leg. It's the front left.

He is not sickly or suffering ill affects of the tumour, he runs around like a daft puppy when anyone visits the house (apart from a limp) and he seems to be free from any pain.

Do any of my PCA Friends have any constructive advice on how to look after Brucie post OP?

Any help is welcome.


  wiz-king 04:55 29 Aug 2007

It will not take long for him to get used to it. I know a cat that lost a front leg, an eye and a ear in an accident and he has lived a good life for over eight years like that. He is now seventeen and looks old but is still going.

  Forum Editor 06:56 29 Aug 2007

Westies are full of courage, and are very resilient. I had one for thirteen years until she died a couple of months ago.

Yours will be fine, although it will take a while for his brain to adjust to the imbalance. Give him a few weeks and he'll be running around, but keep in mind that he'll be putting extra stress on his remaining front leg, and will tire more easily.

  [email protected] 08:42 29 Aug 2007

i had a girlfriend who had a three legged dog, after an accident. led a very full and happy life. that was the front leg, i suppose 1 leg at the front is better than 1 rear leg. they adapt after time.

  wee eddie 09:12 29 Aug 2007

It was always in trouble, mainly because everyone recognised it so easily when it was out with it's mates, raiding bins for scraps!

  octal 10:42 29 Aug 2007

Animals are amazing, if a human lost a limb it's very traumatic, but with an animal they just seemed to get on with it.

  mitsme 11:24 29 Aug 2007

Fit him for a roller skate!

But seriously, if he has his family with him helping him to adjust, his survival instinct will astound you. You will have to be prepared for the impact it will have on you, it's going to be tough, but pets are the most amazingly resilient creatures. We think that they rely on us, which they do to a certain degree. Our furry friends know fine rightly how much WE rely on them & rarely let us down.

  Stuartli 11:32 29 Aug 2007

There's a German Shepherd in our town who lost both back legs (don't know the reason), but has a special two-wheeled trailer to enable him to get about.

  interzone55 12:40 29 Aug 2007

There's a cat near me, called Stumpy for fairly obvious reasons.
She only has one back leg but can still jump onto a four foot high wall, although she doesn't jump straight up, rather at a quite odd angle due to the lack of a left leg.

We also have a Dachshund nearby with no back legs, but he gets around on a skateboard.

  mitsme 12:47 29 Aug 2007

The love & affection we have for our furries warms my heart. There is hope for the selfish human race yet!

I would be at a complete loss without my one remaining cat. The company keeps me sane. & also eats me out of house & home. From what I can figure out I reckon I'm lucky. He hasn't figured out the meaning of BLING yet or I'd be flat busted!

  cycoze 17:19 29 Aug 2007

The vet will give you plenty of medical advice on keeping the wound clean etc.

If the dog is normally allowed upstairs then you may want to think about getting a couple of stair gates until he finds his feet (no pun intended).

Be prepared for toilet mishaps for a few days after the anaesthetic, and possibly having to carry the dog outside to start with.

So plenty of TLC and patience.

Our Springer had a cyst removed from one of his front paws a few weeks ago, all the webbing between the toes was removed and the toes then stitched together, unfortunately he can be quite feisty and needed to be sedated every time the dressing was changed, this resulted in a very dopey dog.

He now has a lampshade collar on to stop him licking the paw which thankfully is healing now, healing was delayed due to three different types of infection, one apparently was the same as trench foot that soldiers used to suffer.

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