Poor ducks

  Pine Man 08:48 28 May 2008

Last night on C4 there was a program about the largest chinese restaurant in the world in China.

All was ok until the part where they said that between 200 and 300 ducks are cooked everyday in the restaurant but they are very difficult to kill. They then showed somebody poking a stick into a live ducks chest and then pulling its heart out!!!

Surely this isn't the normal way of killing ducks - is it?

  Forum Editor 08:52 28 May 2008

I've been to that restaurant, but I can't say that it was the gastronomic highlight of my life.

  Quickbeam 09:10 28 May 2008

I thought Chinese chefs used that big cleaver for all that stuff, including customers that don't pay bills:)

  Pine Man 09:12 28 May 2008

Apologies to C4 it was BBC4 the 'thinking mans channel'!

  rickf 09:40 28 May 2008

Don't make the Chinese as the main talking point here. Too convenient. What about Fois Gras? and the treatment of geese by a nation of people I would not name. One could go on and on!!!

  belfman 10:03 28 May 2008

Fois Gras?

I feel sick.

  jack 12:08 28 May 2008

If we all gave a moments though about our 'animal'
part of our diet gets to table I think we would all be Vegans by now.

  rickf 12:31 28 May 2008

of course that should read foie gras. Typo!!

  charmingman 12:49 28 May 2008

i dont want to sound horrible in any form or way but "Us" humans have tortured animals like this for years & i find it hard that the usa & the uk have a system like Animal wealthfare or animal protection that prossicutes people that cause harm to them, when China has NOTHING you only need to goto 2You Tube" & type in animal cruelty or tortured & look at the films/clips they have & about 95% of it is based around China,i know in areas where there is great poverty people have to eat rats dogs & a load of other desireables BUT its in the way they are killed, i watched one last week about two dogs one was snow white in colour a husky type dog & they tied a rope around its neck & hung it up & left it screeming until it died & the other dog was clearly upset & was watching the other dog die..?? why do they kill animals like this..??

  rickf 13:06 28 May 2008

Hope you are not saying the West is not as cruel to animals. Dig and I'll bet you'll find. I do agree that humans are terrible when it comes to treatment of animals in general. My point being that not all Chinese treat animals in this way. Have watched the programme called Wild China where it also showed the human side of its people towards conservation of nature and animals? Let's be balanced about this and not take the high moral ground when its convenient shall we?

  Pine Man 14:07 28 May 2008

Thanks for your responses so far.

I am not seeking to excuse any animal (food) preparation practices or single out the Chinese specifically BUT the reason given for this method of killing the ducks was that it was (effectively) the only way to do it.

Apart from the extreme cruelty involved it must be a very labour intensive way of achieving their ultimate aim - death.

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