Poor customer service? Go to the top.

  gengiscant 09:20 29 Oct 2010

I have had what started off as a minor query,to British Gas, on the price I was paying for gas and electricity,develop into a major problem getting any response via email or phone enquiries. Whenever I asked when I could expect an answer I was either ignored,in the case of emails except for the usual automated reply, or in the case of the telephone, I was transfered from dept to dept, but actually getting nowhere.

I pointed out to 1 girl that the website promises an answer within 24 hours,she said that the automated reply was a response within that period.DOH.

I was even ignored by the complaints dept, so I decided enough was enough and wondered if it were possible to discover the contact details of the chairman. Found this site: click here
used the information found there and within 24 hours I had a reply plus a resolution to the original query, an apology and an offer of compensation for the poor standard of service.

So if you are having problems with the minions of a company, try the top man.
So many companies,particularly the large conglomerates etc, seem to leave good customer service behind as they grow their business ever larger.I find this unacceptable.

I loathe poor customer service and make a point of not using that company again,if possible.

  Chris the Ancient 09:26 29 Oct 2010

What a very useful link!

I've bookmarked it... just in case I need it one day.

  jack 09:29 29 Oct 2010

Whereby a utility company had come across a cache of E-mails that had not gone beyond the auto reply stage because of a simple error in the E mail address [a missing dot]
Could this have been British Gas?
I have had a look through the news sites, just a moment ago but did not spot it

  Blackhat 09:40 29 Oct 2010

Is this the story you saw?
click here

  birdface 10:01 29 Oct 2010

It used to be a nightmare getting any information from British Gas.
Like you say they would pass you round in a cicle and end up back with the one you contacted first who would put you on hold with no intention of answering.
After being on Consumer Watch on TV they promised that they would sort out this problem.
Looks like they are slipping back to their old ways again.
I dumped them years ago because of this bad service.
I know get my gas from a company north of the border who actually gives me back one full months payment which is £61 into my bank account every year for being a good customer as they say.
They also paid £364 into my bank account last month which I had overpaid in the last few years.
I knew I had overpaid and was quite happy to leave it with them to cover any bad winters but it's back in the bank now and will help towards X--s presents.
Good service Bad service you have a choice.

  KremmenUK 10:18 29 Oct 2010

Very useful link - thanks :-)

  anchor 10:25 29 Oct 2010

I agree; this site is invaluable.

I had queries that were being ignored by Vodafone, BT, Prudential and British Gas. An email to the CEO brought rapid responses, with a satisfactory resolution.

  spuds 13:20 29 Oct 2010

Well it looks in this case that going to the top as resolved an issue, but the CEO of British Gas was stating that improvement were going to be made, and any shortcomings he was to hear about them direct.

Local to me is a large British Gas call centre that was closed down and mothballed plus put up for sale a couple of years ago. Now the for sale sign as come down and it as been re-opened for business, so they must be seeking to put wrongs to rights.

Personally I think that it is about time that every company dealing direct with the public,especially the major ones, should have their activities checked. If there are customer service failures, then a watchdog with teeth should have the remit to force the failing companies to improve. Only recently I have been dealing with a credit card company and a complaint. Apparently they give themselves one month to respond to complaints, which isn't good enough, by any standards.

  spuds 13:29 29 Oct 2010

Perhaps worth mentioning that the link provided by geniscant is absolutely great, but its not fully updated, so some CEO's might not be in the appointment or company given. You made need to do a companies house check, or contact the company direct for latest information of whose in charge.

  jakimo 13:46 29 Oct 2010

I had a similar complaint with BG which took 4 months to resolve.

I too eventually took the same course as gengiscant,as well as my fuel supply accounts being sorted, £50 will be credited to my account at the end of the financial year

  al's left peg 14:28 29 Oct 2010


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