Poll: What's most important to you when choosing a home broadband ISP?

  PC Advisor 16:51 06 Jan 2014

We'd like to know what sort of things you consider when choosing broadband for your home. Is price the most important factor, or speed? Customer service or tech support? Do you go on personal recommendation, past experience, or something else? What other factors are involved? We'd love to know what's involved with this important decision, so let us know in this thread, or in our current poll.

  sunnystaines 17:00 06 Jan 2014

cost and speed of internet. and phone packages for free calls 24/7. that's why I chose talktalk gave me the best price and includes the three criteria., many do not do a good phone package.

  Aitchbee 17:06 06 Jan 2014

I suppose if anyone is considering buying a 'smart TV' then they will have to 'factor in' the associated hi-speed broadband demands of such a device.

  Woolwell 17:12 06 Jan 2014

If I want a good download speed then in my area I have only one choice. That is the penalty of living nearly 2 miles from the exchange which hasn't been upgraded. Having decided I wanted speed and reliable broadband I then bundled in TV and phone.

  woodchip 18:05 06 Jan 2014

I have been with TalkTalk for some years, went to there site to do a speed test, it said my router was old and needed a new router a Free N Wireless from them after this I got as think Conned into going for YouView Package After this My speed as gone down As I do not rent films for the box, I think that the software they use knows this and slows connection down as after I went on there forum site and they changed settings in there software and speed doubled but its gone back to what it was. I think due to the above. So I am Disappointed after some years of good service from them on normal BroadBand Service

  spuds 18:41 06 Jan 2014

Reliable service - Support - Price

All three are essential for my daily usage and needs.

  carver 18:49 06 Jan 2014

I'm with Sky and the speed, customer service are brilliant. Been with them for about 3 years after being with another company for about 7 and their customer service was just appalling.

  Algerian peter ™ 19:18 06 Jan 2014

Same as sunnystaines. unlimited Broadband, line rental, speed and 24/7 phone calls from tiscali, now talktalk. Although we are over 2.5 miles from the telephone exchange I can get a 5mb connection.

Never had a major problem in over 5 years.

  morddwyd 19:46 06 Jan 2014


I'm with BT and have yo reset my router two or three times a week.


I can listen to poor quality radio, but video streaming is out of the question.


I have a "smart" TV (two actually), didn't particularly go for it, just happened to be feature on the set I liked.

Don't find speed an issue as I never use it. It's just a gimmick for which, as yet, I've found no practical use. No doubt others will disagree.

  mole1944 05:51 07 Jan 2014

I'm with Virgin Media not cheap but as I take Tv/phone/broadband plus mobile phone great service as far as I'm concerned. The broadband in particular is outstanding very rarely do I get less then the speed I pay for.

  caccy 13:01 07 Jan 2014

A good package consisting of but not necessarily in this order:- 24/7 phone, speed, reliability and service.

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