Poll: What do you think of the Amazon Fire?

  PC Advisor 15:01 28 Sep 2011
  birdface 17:17 28 Sep 2011

Looks like it is only going to be released in the USA to start with.


  Forum Editor 18:02 28 Sep 2011

If it's as good as the description, and if it sells at a reasonable price - £250 would be good - it will fly off the shelf.

I want one as soon as it's available.

  Crosstrainer2 18:05 28 Sep 2011

An iPad its not. I have just added to my Apple kit with a brand new Macbook AIr 13" The SSD is so fast and the gestures make it the perfect companion to my iMac.

I don't think the Amazon offering is likely to sell in huge numbers, but it is cheap $199.00 over on the Mac forums. USA only at first, which seems to be the wrong way around to me.....Why not release it in Europe and let the likes of Tesco sell it as they did with the original Kindle?

  Forum Editor 18:35 28 Sep 2011


"I don't think the Amazon offering is likely to sell in huge numbers"

I think the exact opposite - it will sell by the millions. I believe Amazon has been inundated with pre-release enquiries. The Fire will sell on the Amazon web site, and as Amazon is an American company it's understandable that the American market - which is much bigger - should get a chance to have the device first. It will be a question of production capacity, and provided the price point is right demand will outstrip supply.

The Fire is being widely predicted to outsell the iPad this autumn/winter, and I have a sneaking feeling that it might just do that. It's important to understand one extremely important fact when assessing this launch - Amazon probably couldn't care less if it makes a profit on these devices or not.

As the world's largest online retailer Amazon really cares about selling content, and the Kindle Fire will sit there, just asking for that 'One Click' purchasing decision. Once the Fire in in your hands, so to speak, Amazon will be waiting with all that lovely content, also just a click away.

You couldn't dream up a better marketing strategy if you tried.

  daz60 18:55 28 Sep 2011

Think i will wait for a 10 inch version.

  interzone55 19:13 28 Sep 2011

I'm very tempted by the Fire.

I've had a Kindle for a little while now and it's stupendously good for reading, much better than the Sony PRS-350 I bought last year.

If Amazon can design an ebook reader this good then I can't wait to see what they've done with Android

  OTT_B 21:27 28 Sep 2011

Oooooooo. Tempting. Very tempting.

But I think I'll risk waiting a larger screen version.

It will be interesting to what the UK price will be for the Fire. £190 is my guess. For a 10" version (assuming it arrives), £240. Here's hoping!

  Quickbeam 07:29 29 Sep 2011

I though that Brazil had burned down without me catching it on the news.

  birdface 07:59 29 Sep 2011

Not got a clue about this but it said it said it works with Cloud in the USA.

As I have not got a clue as to what cloud is but it did say it was because Cloud is used mainly in the US that is why it was being sold there first.

It did say that the UK does not or maybe does not use Cloud and if so What will we use to operate it.

So will that make our version different from the ones sold in the USA.

At that time of year I am not sure if I should get on for the Big kid [Me] or the little kid [my Grandson.]

  morddwyd 08:07 29 Sep 2011

Just bought a 7" (Galaxy) only last week, so I will have to wait awhile before I can justify (or afford) one!

Otherwise I would definitely be interested.

What's going to be the killer IT product over the coming consumer frenzy season?

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