The poll tax with smells?

  realist 20:57 25 May 2007

It was said tonight on Any Questions that the 2- weekly rubbish collections will be enforced with locks on bins to stop neighbours dumping stuff in yours, the dreaded chip to identify your bin, and cameras at recycling sites to stop you dumping the wrong sort of rubbish there. If, after three attempts, you don't get your recycling sorted right you may not get your bins emptied at all!

Given the general level of discontent could this, for the govt, become "the poll-tax with smells"?

  knockin on 21:50 25 May 2007

Maybe the goverment should be recycled?
Which bin should we put them in?

  knockin on 21:51 25 May 2007

Sorry Ed - political - was just supposed to be a jest.

  BRYNIT 22:02 25 May 2007

Locks on bins? I wonder if the dustbin men will have keys to open the locks if not anyone can put rubbish in your bin after you have left it out for collection and gone to work.

  bluto1 23:07 25 May 2007

What a lovely thought, leaving only the decision of "which bin?"

  STREETWORK 07:37 26 May 2007



Remember where you heard it first...

  egapup 09:36 26 May 2007

How long before we're all fitted with chips to check up on us and may-be miniture camera's in the middle of our foreheads and cicuits in our brains to register our naughty thoughts.
Chip and bin....yeah good one but I reckon this will lead to more fly tipping.

  Totally-braindead 09:44 26 May 2007

I'm waiting for the summer here to see what happens, not with the chips, locks or cameras.
But last year, the first time with pickups every two weeks instead of every week we had a plague of flies like you wouldn't believe. No one had ever seen anything like it before, the shops were sold out of flypaper and the light electricution things within a week and struggled to keep up with demand. It was all over the local papers.
Council officials vigorously denied that it was anything to do with the bins sitting for two weeks and said it was some sort of freak weather event that had somehow altered the life cycle of the flies.
Now call my cynical but I'm not a great believer in coincidences and I find it odd that the first year the bins are on fortnightly collections we get swarms of flies.
We'll see what happens this summer.
Now we also are getting fined perhaps for not recycling properly, who thinks up these things. We do get our recycling box picked up every week and it has glass, plastic, tins and paper in it. I've watched them empty them into the lorry and it takes them about 30 - 45 seconds a box. Is this too slow, does it need to be faster?
One of our local councillors who is quite obviously an idiot came up with having a different day for picking up each item. One day for tins, one day for plastic, one day for papers etc. Now apart from the impact on the environment it would have with there having to me more vehicles on the road and them having to do more miles to pick up the rubbish and also not taking into account that many would struggle to remember which day is the pickup for what, where on earth would you keep the rubbish for recycling, you can't keep it in the box as its got to be clear for that days pickup, and you've no where else to keep it unless you have a load of plastic bags you keep in the house and apart from the room that would take it would smell. Only solution I can see give everyone in the county 5 boxes one for each day of the week. And where could we possible keep 5 boxes per household plus out 2 bins? I think they live on another planet really I do.

  Kate B 11:08 26 May 2007

I don't mind fines to encourage people to recycle, but I do mind like crazy if rubbish isn't collected often enough. I think I'm very lucky - we have to regular collections a week plus one recycling collection.

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