Poll: Ofcom's illegal file-sharering warning letters.

  PC Advisor 10:18 07 Nov 2011

Ofcom says illegal file-sharers will begin receiving warning letters as the first-step in a 'three-strikes' rule to tackle net piracy. Will this deter you?

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See original story Ofcom: Illegal file-sharing warning letters to be issued in 2013

  Covergirl 10:41 07 Nov 2011

Won't affect me 'cos I don't "fileshare" :)

  rdave13 10:45 07 Nov 2011

In an ideal world if piracy was stopped then films, music and games would be cheaper for the rest of us to buy.... possibly.

  Crosstrainer2 10:58 07 Nov 2011

As Covergirl....Never have, never will.....Nor will I assist people who get their PC's in a mess due to the use of illegal file sharing.

Several acquaintances have asked for my help after severe virus infections rendered their PC's useless. "DOn't phone Jeff...He won't help you" Is the way it works.

Live by the sword, die by the sword.

  Joseph Kerr 11:02 07 Nov 2011

File sharing sites can be, and are, used for legitimate purposes, you know.

Anyway, won't affect me as I don't use them or download illegally.

  Crosstrainer2 11:37 07 Nov 2011

Joseph Kerr

I was only referring to the illegal sites. As you correctly point out, there are many perfectly legitimate sites :))

  johndrew 15:38 07 Nov 2011

I was very surprised to see that around 16% of those responding to this poll appear to believe that illegal file sharing is acceptable behaviour; fortunately the vast majority do not.

Given the damage that illegal file sharing does - pushing up costs for the majority alone is unforgivable - and that these same individuals are members of these forums perhaps they should examine their consciences (if any) and start considering their actions.

Theft, regardless of how it is carried out, affects others either directly or indirectly and needs to be punished with utmost severity.

  interzone55 16:58 07 Nov 2011

I think anyone who thinks the cost of software, CDs, DVDs etc will drop if illegal sharing is stopped is very sadly deluded...

  davecay 18:41 09 Nov 2011

For all you who seriously think that, if piracy was stopped, it would lead to a decrease in prices for various software think again. It would cause the opposite as the big corporations would not need to worry about illegal competition whom they are unable to control. If you do not believe that then look back at the Amiga days where this exact argument was being held about software piracy. The problem was caused by the companies overpricing their software giving the pirates a huge base of demand, after a couple of years of blaming the pirates for losses the companies reduced the prices of the sofware dramaticaly, the effect was large sales and an increase in profits.

Its is the big corporations who are the thieves and should be better controlled

  Forum Editor 18:51 09 Nov 2011


"Its is the big corporations who are the thieves and should be better controlled"

Time for a reality check.

Companies are in business to make profits, and in a free market economy a business sells its products and services for what the market will stand -it's a basic marketing rule,and if you over-price your product you can expect sales to drop.

What you should not expect is that large numbers of people will decide to steal your product because they don't fancy paying for it. The Internet has made it easy for people to take music, films, and software files without paying. It's illegal, and it's hardly a surprise that someone who has worked hard to create something unique will feel pretty hacked off when people just help themselves.

  Armchair 19:31 09 Nov 2011

It'll be interesting to see which ISPs go along with this, and which other ones (along with BT and Talk Talk) appeal against getting involved.

Whether or not it ever does come into force, I can imagine some people reading that and starting to download as much as they can before the first letter arrives. Others won't give a monkey's about it.

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