A Politician's Poem

  Bingalau 14:46 07 Jul 2009

I want a floating Duckhouse.
I want to clear my Moat.
I need to mend my Tennis Court,
That's why I need your vote.

I have to build a Portico.
My swimming pool needs mending.
My lovely plants need horse manure,
And the Aga needs much tending.

A chandelier is vital;
Mock Tudor boards are great.
My hanging baskets won awards,
And I've earned a tax rebate.

I need a glitter toilet seat.
My piano so needs tuning.
'Maltesers' help me stay awake,
And my orchard MUST need pruning.

I could have said the rules were wrong,
And often thought I should.
But somehow it was easier
To Profit all I could.

The public really have to see
That the rules are there to test,
And by defrauding the taxpayer
We were just doing our best.

The Speaker of the House has gone,
Our sacrificial beast;
But the public are still braying
For our corpses at the feast.

What do the public want from us,
Those vote-wielding ingrates?
They really should be grateful
To be financing our estates.

The message is so very clear,
(We're merely learning late)
That the British way of living well
Is to screw the bloody state!

  jakimo 15:23 07 Jul 2009
  shellship 21:40 07 Jul 2009

Magic. Did you write it or is it from elsewhere?

  carver 22:11 07 Jul 2009

Were ever you got it from it's brilliant.

Should be posted above the entrance to the House of Parliament, in fact should be tattooed onto each of their backsides.

  Bingalau 00:27 08 Jul 2009

Me write it? You must be joking, I can hardly write my own name.. It came through an e-mail and I thought it deserved a bit of publicity. I will have a look back through my mails and see if I can find someone to credit it to.

  Forum Editor 00:45 08 Jul 2009

on web forums and in blogs about a month ago, and has since been widely circulated. I haven't seen any attribution, but I'm sure the shy author will be nudged into the limelight err long.

  Spark6 23:59 09 Jul 2009

how we are continually mislead by politicians who dare to think they are more qualified than the rest of us on matters that they themselves have never been in a position to experience.
Bob Ainsworth, Secretary of State for Defence, had the audacity to warn us that we should expect more casualties in Afghanistan. I wondered whether this man's background gave him the right, not only to say this, but to be in a position related to the Armed Forces.
Not only has he no experience or service in the armed forces, his is through the motor industry and trade unions, he apparently has the doubtful honour of being the joint highest allowance claimant, 2007-08, for second home allowances of £23,083.
How I would love to give this man my thoughts first hand. Whatever possesses these people to think they are qualified to take on such nationally important, and sensitive, positions?

  Forum Editor 00:16 10 Jul 2009

Bob Ainsworth is indeed Secretary of State for Defence, and that gives him a perfect right to warn us to expect more casualties in Afghanistan. I'm astonished that you should think otherwise - surely you're not suggesting that it's necessary to have service experience in order to be a defence minister? Ainsworth has plenty of advice and information from both service chiefs and civil servants - he's undoubtedly better informed about the situation in Afghanistan than almost anyone in Britain.

If you tried to run any government on the basis that Ministers should have had previous experience in the areas for which they're responsible you would very soon run out of Ministers. Being a government Minister is a political appointment.

  Spark6 15:03 10 Jul 2009

Your last sentence sums it up. Politics and Politicians are probably two words that encompass a hell of a lot of what is currently wrong in this country of ours.

My apologies to Bingalau for introducing my feelings to this lighhearted thread.

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