Political Expediency?

  morddwyd 09:55 18 Jan 2011

The coalition government plan to intruduce minimum alcohol pricing.

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When the Scottish government planned to introduce minimum alcohol pricing the Conservatives and the Libs Dems helped defeat the measure.

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Could it just be political expediency?

Surely not!

Perhaps England has a greater alcohol problem, requiring different measures (no pun intended).

  Strawballs 09:56 18 Jan 2011

Come to expect nothing less from them!

  spuds 11:26 18 Jan 2011

I remember the days when some Scottish drinking outlets still had sawdust on the floor, and very restrictive hours.

Didn't Leo Starkey help to introduce Sunday drinking, otherwise certain areas of Scotland might be still dry today on a Sunday?.

  interzone55 11:32 18 Jan 2011

I'll not include a link, as the site is full of bad language, but this is a quote from the Daily Mash's take on this story...

"If you raise the price what will happen is that big drinks companies like Diageo will make more money, supermarkets will make more money and the government will make more money. You can take that to the bank and cash it.

"So if, at this point, you still can't work out what's actually going on here then it really doesn't matter if you're constantly hammered."

  Quickbeam 12:06 18 Jan 2011

There's only a few very cheap brands that are brought into scope with this according to the breakfast news. Eight Ace is the only sort that'll be affected...

  spuds 12:24 18 Jan 2011

Perhaps looking at this from a different point of view. By raising prices, could it lead into a Prohibition Era by some people making their own booze?.

A few years ago, when 'brew or make your own' kits were in abundance, everyone seemed to have something distilling under the kitchen sink, including the ginger beer brigade. This querk in history went by the wayside, and getting kits became more difficult. So is there a chance of revitalization in the making, for this virtual tax free enterprise?.

Perhaps going a little further. The government seem to be suggesting that by raising prices, then the 'night-clubbers' or unsociable drinkers will reduce the crime statistics and perhaps bring sanity back to areas of high drink intake and violence?.

Further more to that, I live near an hostel complex that accommodates people that have problems of an alcoholic nature. Every morning at about 10am, you see the usual stream of people going by the local off-licence or drink selling outlets, en-route to the local large supermarket, where I assume the strong beers, wines and cider etc are that little bit cheaper to buy, with clubcard point as an added bonus. From there it is usually to the nearby park, for a few tipples, then back to the hostel. Now I wonder where that money or tax incentives comes from?.

  caccy 15:16 18 Jan 2011

Off to the Continent to stock up then?

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