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  laurie53 09:28 20 Sep 2008

J K Rowling has given £1m to the Labour Party.

It's her well earned money and she can do what she likes with it, but am I being overly cynical in expecting to see her in the New Years Honours List for "Services to Literature"?

  GRIDD 10:02 20 Sep 2008

Probably will be 'honoured' in the new year.

What the heck is she doing funding these muppets?

I suppose she's already made her millions so buying a Title seems the next step.

  version8 10:07 20 Sep 2008

Only ever given to one political & they are the ones that do deserve my money!
See click here

  alB 10:17 20 Sep 2008

I think she gave the money as a gesture to the labour party for their policy on reducing child poverty, call me an old cynic but would it not have been better to give the money directly to child poverty organisations, save the children, barnardos etc. ...alB

  Forum Editor 10:20 20 Sep 2008

"What the heck is she doing funding these muppets?"

Well, for one thing she's doing it because she thinks the current government has done more to alleviate child poverty than any previous government. She thinks that by donating money she'll help the Labour Party. It's all pretty obvious really.

As laurie53 said, it's her money, she can do what she likes with it.

Referring to the government as "these muppets" does absolutely nothing to lend validity to anything you say, by the way.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:21 20 Sep 2008

It is her money and about 1/900th of what she is worth. No one here would like to be told what to do with their money so commenting on how others spend their own money is a bit rich.


  GRIDD 11:20 20 Sep 2008

FE 'Muppets' is about the nicest word to describe the Labour Party that I can find. The rest of the words I could use are ones that you would delete.

  Cymro. 11:28 20 Sep 2008

J K Rowling would have probably and in my opinion deservedly have being given some honer or other eventually anyway so there was no need for her to bribe anyone.

In some way I hope now that she does not get an honer but that is only to prove some of the more cynical amongst us that they were wrong.

As for her giving her money to some children's charity, she obviously thinks that in the long run it will do children more good to have a Labour government in power than any other party. Her opinion, her money.

  interzone55 14:29 20 Sep 2008

JK Rowling gives huge amounts of money to various children's & AIDS charities.

She auctioned one of only seven handwritten copies of The Tales of Beedle The Bard (the other six given to friends) for £2m, and all proceeds for the print copies are going to Children's High Level Group click here

  spuds 15:32 20 Sep 2008

Good luck to the girl, and what or how she decides to spent her money on.

But being the curious type, I wonder if the accountant's were consulted ;o)

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