Police target rising metal thefts

  Eow is nighe 09:42 08 Jul 2008

WEll i am not sure about other cities but we have been having a terrible time with our own house having the "Flash lead" stolen a few weeks ago & 6 other houses down our street to be honest i thought it was just in my city...

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  spuds 12:34 08 Jul 2008

A two day forewarned countrywide operation. Now thats definitely going to cause an holiday break for some undesirables in our communities.

  Chegs ®™ 16:27 08 Jul 2008

A mate had major problems protecting all his classic mini's from theives,eventually losing around 10 engines.These cheeky blighters used to knock on his door and ask if him if they could remove all the scrap,and days later he arrived home from work to find the engines gone,they even stole a semi-restored mini shell from the garage.His neighbour had seen them at work and assumed he'd given them permission to take it and the police weren't particularly interested in investigating as they didnt take a statement from the neighbour.

A few years ago,metal roadsigns were a popular target.Temporary traffic lights were disabled because the cables were stolen.Lead flashing has always been a popular target,along with the slate roofs off some older properties.

  Grey Goo 17:33 08 Jul 2008

The stainless steel toilets have been stolen from the local Policestation. The Police have nothing to go on.

  wiz-king 21:40 08 Jul 2008

Well - at least they are looking into it.

  gardener 21:45 08 Jul 2008

They should be able to flush the culprits out.

  charmingman 22:01 08 Jul 2008

Guys we wouldnt know about this if it wasnt for the "TINternet"..lol

  Quickbeam 00:31 09 Jul 2008

There's a serious problem on the railways with metal theft, steel signal cabinets, points operating rods, signal cables etc. One day some deaths will result from these thefts.

  Quickbeam 00:32 09 Jul 2008
  spuds 10:25 09 Jul 2008

The villains are even taking bronze war memorial plaques from community gardens of remembrance. If caught, the villains should be named and shamed.

  Bingalau 10:35 09 Jul 2008

If caught the villains should be put in to a British Legion building with an ex service man or women and left for half an hour or so.

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