Police shoot child with firearm SHOCKING!

  karmgord 16:57 07 Aug 2010

Sorry for the Daily Star style attention grabbing (although factually true) headline

Correct me if I'm wrong but did not ACPO say the introduction of Tasers were to give the Police a none lethal option to using a lethal firearm and would be issued to trained firearms officers.I remember the same was initially claimed for the use of CS gas with is now routinely used.
If the "creep" in arming officers and guild lines for the use of Tasers goes alone the same lines then we will see more of accidents such as these.

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This is NOT a Police Knocking post but a genuine concern.

  rdave13 17:06 07 Aug 2010

It looks like that some Officers could do with more training. There's no need to be so trigger happy even if the Taser is supposed to be non lethal.

  karmgord 17:22 07 Aug 2010

rdave 13
Should a firearm have been used in either instance?
Would a lethal firearm been used previously before the introduction of Tasers?

  egapup 17:33 07 Aug 2010

If they cant find the right target with a Taser it's a good thing they haven't got real firearms.

  karmgord 17:34 07 Aug 2010

Sorry about the double post I was a bit trigger happy :- )

  ronalddonald 19:18 08 Aug 2010

If the bloke was moving around too much maybe they should aimed for his legs rather than his back or chest

  peter99co 12:05 09 Aug 2010

What a pity they seem to have lost the use of the old trunchion.

Unless it has been banned under health and safety rules.

  Chegs ®™ 14:42 09 Aug 2010

I've watched the Police dealing with the public leaving the Nightclubs each evening.They seem to be rather trigger-happy with these tazers,all it requires to become a victim is to raise your voice(often not even at an officer)At least with a tazer,there is only one victim.When it was CS gas,upto half a dozen people could get sprayed(often including fellow officers)and when these people then got in my taxi,I too would result in watering eyes.

  interzone55 14:58 09 Aug 2010

I for one would not want to be a police officer in a town centre at chucking out time.

Loads of beered up testosterone fueled idiots trying to impress their "ladies", with fights that break out over nothing more than a sideways glance.

I think town centre police should be armed with the same MP5s as airport police, a few three round bursts from one of these would soon stop the fights...

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