Police Powers

  laurie53 07:43 19 May 2009

I know we`are concerned about police abusing their powers, and that in any democratic society illegal searches are simply not acceptable, but is it really right that the the police should have to hand back paedophiliac material to the alleged offender and allow him to carry on with his depraved activities?

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  Chegs ®™ 08:05 19 May 2009

Beggars belief that the police arent even allowed to examine the hard drives found.

  Monument 12:26 19 May 2009

"alleged offender and allow him to carry on with his depraved activities?"

You need to be very careful here and get the full facts before making potentially libelous statements.

Jim Bates is a discredited forensic examiner not a paedophile. click here

  interzone55 12:57 19 May 2009

The material the police seized is evidence from past and current court cases. It should not have been seized under any circumstances.

Read Monument's link...

  Forum Editor 16:20 19 May 2009

without bothering to read the facts first. The man in question is not an alleged offender, and you have no evidence of any "depraved activities" on his part - neither do the police.

A court has ruled that the police may not examine the material involved, and must hand it back. They raided this man's home illegally - they have no right to examine anything at all unless they suspect a crime has been committed. Two senior high court judges were satisfied that was not the case in this instance, and unless some evidence to the contrary is revealed the police must obey the high court ruling.

  laurie53 19:32 19 May 2009

Obviously I misunderstood the news story, and withdraw my remarks.

  Forum Editor 19:33 19 May 2009

Many thanks.

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